Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not so good Tuesday

Binimal: as much as I hate to say this, don't put any news funds in at this time. Seems some greedy member started a fire last night that got out of control and payments have stopped. I'll see what I can find out but it doesn't look good. Back later.


dr.capoon said...

Just yesterday I have expressed my enthusiasm regarding Binimal.
I still can't believe that this most probably orchestrated attack with few trolls on forums and Paul's blog could do such a damage in this short time.

Paul has done that before numerous times:
Taking money for his bla-bla review about this script, that hosting, those plans (mainly that anyone can see in programs by himself), than he is bringing down those programs if he feels he wasn't paid enough. And he will continue doing this as long as there are followers.

It is a truly sad thing we have to live with.

Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Although I applaud the Binimal Admin's efforts to control the HAR... Hit n' Runner, I read a recent poll on Paul's MNO that a good percentage prefer to HAR and probably many who didn't want to admit to that tactic. So, I figure it was a mistake to add that monitor where I could see the HAR trend escalate after the review, etc. and the follow up complaints.

Unfortunately, it's a growing trend investors have to be aware of when entering HYIP's. Many programs close way before their prime with this practice.

See what happens next with Binimal