Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday and Sunny

It's nice and sunny outside today and supposed to get to the mid 80's F. Good day to be out and about, for sure :)

LinumFund is growing like crazy with new members and fresh new deposits. I'm considering adding a new spend also into the 10 day plan whereas currently I'm only playing in the 5, which should be available for withdraw in a couple more nights, if I choose to w/d that is. 


PerfectAdSolution will be re-opening tomorrow morning for me. There's a new countdown clock on the site and the News is in your member area.


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

I got your alert and was going to try but it seems the Solid Trust Pay account is still not working for my state. It has been a few months and still nothing. I couldn't transfer it to another processor or my bank so I requested a check to get all my money out. I'm sure it will be a long process for that. When things change, I will ask you for another processor that you use so that I can participate some.

Hope you had a great Labor Day!


blondie said...

Hey Randy,

Was just cleaning up my list and removed your AOL account, so hope that isn't the place where you got the Alert.

You should have your STP check before too long.

Also Payza is re-opened to U.S. members. I don't have anything in there right now but hope to soon.

Sure wish ALL States in the U.S. could use all pay processors again. Shame isn't it, that we can't.

Have a good week!

Randy V said...

I got your alert in my AOL account. That is still the email that I use the most, although I do have a gmail account.

These processors seem to come and go over the years. It sure would be easier if we could use them.

Have a good week too!!

blondie said...

Figures :(
That's the email of yours I deleted.
I swear someone else has been using that one Randy. I've gotten spam from it and I know it's Not from you.
Well I'll add it back in but if you don't have a pay processor... not much point.
Cheers :)

dr.capoon said...

Yes, Linum is doing a great job.
I hope we finally found a HYIP that will make us happy (a lot of us I mean). We just shouldn't overdo it, and we'll be fine.

Thanks for your alert Blondie!

blondie said...

You're welcome Dr C :)

Yes, making a lot of us happy is the key.

Hope you have a great day!