Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Weekend

Last note re Linum Fund, then I'm putting it bed.
Thanks to my friend Gord for showing this to me. It was posted in a popular blog / monitor site. You know the one. Anyway here it is:

"The huge popularity of LinumFund straight from day one and boosted by investors eager to spend their STP funds led to a swift rise. However, it appears that many investors joined within the first few days, made some profits and left the program for much greener pastures, so withdrawals surpassed deposits over the last few days and the end was inevitable. According to the admin of LinumFund (I seen no reason not to believe him, at least about this), he was also expecting much more from his program and not just three weeks."

SwitchToBit: This is cool. On the main page, if you click on "Why Bitcoin?", a cute little video has been added explaining a bit more. Should be helpful for newbies (like myself) when it comes to understanding "What is BitCoin?"

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