Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Morning Bulldog

I know I said I was putting LinumFund to bed but did want to mention that they're still doing some payouts. Perhaps to those who were not in profit or at their BEP. Was happy to read that this morning.

It's Day 5 already for SwitchToBit which means my first spend will have returned 50% back. Can't beat that eh?
Looking at the stats, it's growing nice and steady which is what we like to see for this kind of program.
Note: you don't need to make a spend to collect RC in this one. So if you promote these types of programs, feel free and grab yourself a little bit along the way.

For those of you who don't have BitCoin or not interested in getting any, I'm sure there will be something else down the road to satisfy your cravings.

more coming 

A personal comment in yesterday's post got me singing. This one's for you "mm". "If you're lonely you can talk to me... Hey Bulldog"


Anonymous said...

hmm thanks for that Blondie but...I'm not lonely :)

blondie said...

OK OK, I know you're not lonely but it would be a friend that you can talk to :p