Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's Been a Long Four Days

If you read my post on Friday, then you know I've been house sitting and grand-doggie sitting for the past four days. Even though I caught this terrible cold, I've managed to go back n forth from house to house since Thursday to get things done. So tonight's 5 o'clock feeding will be my last run there and thank goodness for that cause I'm pooped!

Now I was a little nervous staying at their house overnight all by myself but then I said "Wait. I've got these two big Boxers to protect me. We'll be fine."

So it's almost time to get ready for bed and I see that my girl Louis is keeping an eye on the back door for me. Good girl Louis. Let's turn off this computer and hit the hay. Wait a minute... where's Jake?

Oh good grief. I found him.
Hiding under the bed like a big scaredy cat.

What a great Watch Dog you turned out to be Jakers! LOL


Gord said...

Hilarious Blondie!

That last pic under the bed. I'm the backup and they better not make me come out there.

Gotta' love dogs

blondie said...

Hey Gord,

Yeah we were just chatting about 'watch dogs' the other day eh?

Funny thing is, Jake does that every night. So after the first 2 nights, decided to finally take my camera and catch him in the act. He's a clown dog for sure.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. That's priceless. Wish my wife would let me have a boxer...or a bulldog...or whatever!...could use a friend sometimes, ya know? Thanks for sharing some of your personal time with us Blondie :)

blondie said...

Hey mm,
I do think you need a dog.
Careful with the bulldogs though. they fart a lot, more than the boxers. Guess it has something to do with the pushed in noses.
But the nice thing is, they're always around to talk to and give you some love when you need it.
Take care :)