Friday, September 26, 2014

New Program Added for a Friday

I just added a new Banner to my side bar.
It's for which just opened this morning.
It has good plans and sure is growing faster than most.
Anyway, I went in with $100 in the 2 day plan and will keep it rolling like that. It is a high yield program so will be taking my daily profit out while keeping my principal active.
Let me know if you have any questions
and good luck if you decide to play :)

Sparbs has just completed two successful months online. Now that is something to write home about, lol.
Anyway I had dropped out of it a while back but decided that was a mistake and made a new spend 3 days ago. Admin has certainly shown us that he's serious about running a good business venture.

SwitchToBit: Did you all get your refund?
If not, log into your account and request your balance. What is available to withdraw should be equal to breaking even.


ld randi said...

hello Blondie!
just joined Binimal under your ref link.
thank for your advices as usual and... let's have fun with this new program :-)

blondie said...

Thanks Randi,
I knew you'd be around for this one, lol
Have a great weekend!!

ld randi said...

You know I cannot resist the short-term hyip game!
Have a nice Sunday!

blondie said...

They are fun, aren't they?
Cheers :)