Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ch, Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

PerfectAdSolution has reopened today and below is the info on the different membership levels and rev share packages.
This Admin has been good to me and I've enjoyed his program the entire time, so today I did upgrade to the $10 Membership Level and purchased my first $25 Rev Share Package. Anxious to check my account more often now, lol

RevShare will feature now 2 plans and we'll have 2 types of Membership:
=== Shares ===
$5.00 - Earns 3% a day(1 payment per day) for a total of 120%.  80% of it goes into Cash balance and 40% of it goes into Matrix balance.
$25.00 - Earns up 6% a day(3 payments per day) for a total of 150%.  120% of it goes into Cash balance and 30% of it goes into Matrix balance.
=== Memberships ===
Basic: $3.00
Allows you to purchase $5.00 shares and Perfect Matrix Packages.
Premium: $10.00
Allows you to purchase both $5.00 and $25.00 shares, Perfect Matrix Packages and Mini Matrix Packages.
One more thing, if you noticed the REDEEM THE FREE PACKAGE note on the main page...
 Free Package deducts $10 from your Cash balance.
It's basically meant for the new members to experience the system.

And the new Surf Timer is based on "24 Hours from the time we Surf" so I can save my funds for Rev Share Pkgs now instead of paying for surf vacations. WooHoo!

LinumFund: haven't decided what to do yet when my 5 day plan expires this evening. There's so many pros and cons to consider in these programs but it really all depends on how the majority of the members are playing.
I've been watching the 'stats' page this afternoon and I see a lot of big money going out. On the other hand, there are some pretty hefty spends being made too. So I think I'll let it ride, for tonight at least, then see how things look in the morning.
PS, never planned to just 'cash out'. Have been debating on moving my funds over to the 10 day or let it stay in the 5. That's all :)



Brad Tramell said...

Hi there, Im under you in the PAS. Are our old packages supposed to be earning yet? I was just curious and was trying to figure out if I had to do something to begin earning again. Anyways its been a cool program and hope to see it stick around for a while :

blondie said...

Yes the old packages should be earning again, however there is a problem with the surf getting credited like it should.

Admin is aware of it and will notify us soon I hope.

Have a good Friday :)