Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Wednesday and...

I have another half an hour before I find out if I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow or not. Sure hope I don't else I'll miss the
PerfectAdSolution Time Matrix new round starting.
It'll be tomorrow AM for me but check the site for the count down clock to see when it will be where you live.

I mentioned here yesterday about joining two programs that I wasn't sure about sharing.
Well, I've decided not to.

One of them, a profit share that got off to a bad start and is now as slow as molasses.
The other one turned out to be... ummm, let's just say I wouldn't trust the Admin any farther than I could throw him (or her).

There was a third one that opened today (that I didn't join) but that one is pretty much dead and buried already.
Talk about dodging the bullet eh?

But this is September so I hope to see some good programs launching before too long.
Later :)


Brad Tramell said...

Hey there :) I don't seem to be earning much at all in PAS anymore..they don't seem to be paying much at all on the old packages, did they forget about the old members now? Was just curious how your account was working with them since the restart or whatever. Thanks and have a great day :)

blondie said...

Did you read the update from 8/31/14 Changes?
It explains exactly how the 'old' positions will be paid.
It's pretty long so I won't post it here but if you can't find it in your News area, let me know and I'll send you an email copy.
Mine has been working exactly as the Admin said it would.
Cheers :)