Saturday, September 27, 2014

Everyday Extraordinary

Binimal which just opened yesterday has started out like gang busters. Surely those who are depositing plan to stick around for a while and not try to take advantage of the program.
I joined yesterday morning and when I checked the stats this morning, there was already 14K in deposits. As I write this note, I see we're over 18K now. I do believe that includes re-spends but still... that's a whole lot of money going into the program early on.
Anyway, I'll enjoy the 'game' for as long as it lasts and like I wrote yesterday, will withdraw my earnings and replay my principal.

Been thinking a lot lately about my old friend John (js) who passed away four years ago today. Things sure have changed in the last 4 years but I still miss hearing from him on a daily basis.
Hope you're having a great time where you are js, and don't forget about us poor schmucks down here, har. Luv ya xoxo

PAS is doing just great. Should have enough built up in my account to purchase one more $25 pack before my monthly subscription runs out. After that, I'll recheck my account and decide on my next plan of attack, lol

AdzPays, unfortunately I need to remove the banner today. My daily earnings have stopped and you would think I should be making something with my $40 active plan. Well, I get a penny here and there but I can't list something that has stopped earning.

Now... here's one lucky Cow.
Or at least she should be with that Big 7 on her head.

What do you think of that Olivia?
I know 7 is your lucky number too.

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