Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Bits

PerfectAdSolution: almost forgot... about 4:30 MDT / 6:30 EDT the Time Matrix will start a new round. So get your $6 or $9 ready and be there ready to purchase after the countdown clock resets. You know the drill. Good Luck!

I also wanted to share my stats with you on that $25 share I bought on Sept. 2nd... doesn't take long to get to BEP.
  • Date: 2014-09-25 17:15:02
  • Share(s) Units: 1
  • Share Amount: $25.00
  • Amount Added: $0.25
  • Total Earned: $25.25

Unfortunately I need to post this note that I just received from SwitchToBit. As sad as I am about the site closing, I think it's very admirable of the Admin to do the refunds and will definitely support him in his next program.

Greetings members,

I would like to thank all of those who have Supported
Unfortunately STB is a doomed program due to low interest from people in the Hyip Community. I guess It’s not quite time for everyone to SwitchToBit.
At the current rate of deposits STB will produce far more losers than winners, so I have decided to CLOSE the program and Refund all Members back to Break Even.
This comes as a great loss to me personally. Over 2k but I cannot ask others to pay for my failed experiment.

We have closed STB to new deposits.

Here is how the refunds will be handled:

We are auditing each account and subtracting any referral commissions that you have been paid so no one person will have earned any profit.
Next we will release your active investment so you can request a withdrawal.
Once you have requested withdrawal and your withdrawal has been processed you will have been paid the same amount that you originally deposited.
All accounts with active deposits are currently disabled so we can complete the audit.This should be completed within a few Hours of you receiving this Email.
Once the audit is completed you can log in and request your final Withdrawal.

STB will remain online CLOSED to Deposits but OPEN for Withdrawals for a few more days.

The only Winners in this program are the Monitors as they needed to be paid for their services.

Best Wishes,
Alan Hancock

AND a little later in the day:


Auditing the accounts is being done one at a time. This is not an automated process.
This means you will not be able to log into your account until after your account has been audited.
Accounts are being re enabled after each one is audited.

You are welcome to try to log in as often as you like or you can wait until I send the next update that will announce that the audit process has been completed.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Wishes,
Alan Hancock

And last but not least:

Audit has been completed.
All Accounts have been reactivated.
Please log in and request a withdrawal of your available balance. This amount should equal the amount required to Break Even.

Thanks again for all the support. If we come back in the future with a new program we hope to see most of you again.

If you need any further assistance please contact us at

Best Wishes,
Alan Hancock


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