Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th & Game On

Friday the 13th.
How cool is that?
I've never had bad luck on this day. Actually I like Friday the 13th's. Kind of a weird creepy day .. reminds me of me. Maybe I just relate to it better than most.


Just received an email from the ladies at PAC about their New Program launching tomorrow. You can read the details of their email HERE.
Remember that you must have a Liberty Reserve account plus either STP or AP in order to play. So for 10 bucks it sounds like fun and I'll be there at launch time.

"The Launch Date is ..... 4pm GMT/11am EST Saturday 14th November.
The link will be available in your Member Area at the time. We want all of you to earn before anyone out there, so please be sure to keep 10 minutes of your time Free! You will have to fund your wallet first and then Purchase your Spots."


Just received a small payment from Rollover-Ads. He does pay really fast but I'm a long way away from being in profit. Seems I always have trouble with the Surfing too. Could be my old PC or my cheap connection, but I get thrown out, redirects, lock-ups and spyware up the ying-yang! Then need to reboot and clear it all out. Takes a long time for me to do that :(
My strategy is working well though. 100% rollover on day 1, then day 2 & 3 are cash out days. I like playing with profit better than my own money (don't we all?) so I'm working to get my "seed" money out first. I'm not a high roller and need to be careful, else my squirrels won't have peanuts and will be knocking on my door screaming at me, lol


Hey we got another snow storm coming in this weekend. Wonder if I should mow and fertilize the lawn today before that happens. Hmmm
* Too late now .. 4:00 pm and it's snowing. Dang!


Hey, if any of you read garbage about GNI in any of the forums ... it's just that, garbage, and has already been addressed at the official GNI Forum. (smile)



Danish said...

Hi Blondie,
Wow, all those problems...would drive me to distraction. Fortunately
I have not experienced any of them with Rollover-ads.
Now ad-ventures4u is a different story. At least once a week I surf right to the very last one...and it freezes. Nothing I try works so I have to go back to the home page and click on surf and do it all again. That bugs me a wee bit.

As far as doing the grass before this you have winter tires on the lawnmower and spreader? lol


blondie said...

Ohhhh thanks Dave.
So it's just all my disabilities here, old pc, slow connection etc. (big sigh)

The way it looks right now, I'll need to put Chains on the lawnmower, LOL Ahhh hell, where's the snow blower? hahaha

Have a good night!