Sunday, November 15, 2009

New EPP Program

Still on schedule for today.
I'll post the link here as soon as I have one.

There ya go :)

I don't see a referral link, maybe cause there's no ref. commissions. So Sign Up, you will get a confirmation email, login, deposit to your wallet, ($10 min.) then buy a spot. Worked like a charm.

PS, I tried to be fast and I am member 275.

Quick update: 2000 position numbers have gone down since I got in an hour ago. Not sure exactly what that means yet so am keeping an eye on it. This is a cycler and no one knows how long it will keep going. But hey, for 10$, it's kind of fun and I'm enjoying watching the numbers in my member area.
If you're going to play, start as soon as you can. kapish?

Just got home from buying peanuts and see that someone (member #1) cycled out already (over 4K). Wow! Also they removed the "counter" from the member area. And no, I haven't cycled yet :(



top........ said...

blondie said...

Hey Thanks!
I was in the pac forum waiting for it there.
All good :))

naphtali said...

i can't believe this! i finally get out of church get home and sign up to EPP, get ready to buy my spot and i get a message on Alertpay that they don't take Credit Card payments yet. ARRRGGHHH!

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
You know I would have helped you with that, right?
Holler if you still need it.

Curt said...

I haven't touched a cycler since Deep Cycler and why is that site still up? No one has cycled since June, well if the stats are updated, that is.

blondie said...

I asked about that myself not too long ago. Why the site was still up?
Didn't get a very clear answer.
My guess is he's still fishing for more referrals :(

Curt said...

If that's true, isn't he suppose to be one of the good guy's?

blondie said...

Oh I didn't mean referrals for the cycler. He's shut off the buy buttons. I meant more email addresses that could be turned into readers then ref's for other programs.

Curt said...

ah ok, my bad.

blondie said...

Oh No! You're not bad at all. Actually you're one of the Good Guys, lol
C'ya Later

Curt said...

well i don't know about that, but thanks :)