Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reminders for Newer Readers

1 - www.blondiesblog.tv will no longer be available effective Dec 17th. Please remember to bookmark me at http://blondesmakemoney.blogspot.com/ so that we don't lose touch.

2 - Comments entered here with your Program Links do NOT get published. If I want to promote something for myself, I do it on my front page. You're not paying me to promote for you, are you? OK then.


NewSurfAge just completed another 20% Week! I don't know what Gilbert's doing there, but he's sure doing something right. YaY!

Rollover-Ads had another 1% day, (growl). However, the thread in MMG where everyone is required to post their payments, has gotten pretty hilarious. Some mad, some happy, even some name calling. Heck, it's been more entertaining than watching TV. lol

EarnPerpetualProfits ... giving up on that one for now. And I hear the girls are launching another one?!? No Comment.


Well it's that jolly time of year again. Time for all the scammers to come out of the woodwork to tell you how much you can earn before Christmas. Bah Humbug!!! I know darn well how fast my funds could disappear, BUT am sure it could buy the Admin and their family some very nice presents for the holiday. No Thanks. I'll wait it out.



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...you would think that the girls from EPP would at least give the appearance of paying on their other two programs beore lunching another!

They have lost all credibility with me, I'm afraid!

Thanks for the updates...

blondie said...

I hear ya Jim.
I about went through the roof when I read that email last night myself.
Had way too many thoughts about it to post today, so I took the easy way out and said "no comment" :)
Have a good night.

Curt said...

They lost credibility with me when they opened a 12x12.

blondie said...

Curt, I agree it was weird timing for their 12x12, but I did make money in that one. So can't complain too much.
Take care