Monday, November 16, 2009


-- Will wait an hour or more then give you my thoughts on EPP. That will be 24 hours from when I purchased. OK?

Well, almost 31 hours later and I have not even cycled through phase one yet. But the folks at the beginning (before me) have 'cycled out' plus some. So what does that tell you? It tells me it's got the same kind of set-up that Deep Cycler had, where the re-entries pushed you ahead of anyone else. Do you remember that at all? If you weren't first, you lost!
If the early birds are cycying "out" (with 4K or more) .. you would think I would have cycled phase one by now. But I haven't.
So as of right this minute, I am not impressed. I may change my mind later if I see something happening. But it looks like the number one folks are taking all the fame and glory and money this very moment. I am number 275 and bought in at 11:29 AM EST yesterday.
I sure wish the gals at PAC would have set this up so that you could only purchase ONE spot at a time. Then at least we'd all be on a more level playing field. But .. those who had the money to purchase several spots and got in earlier .. are now earning on several spots .. while I wait it out. Think about it EL and Kazzy if you ever read my blog, (which I doubt). It's not a good thing in my eyes.
Will keep you posted.

-- Another 10% day at Rollover-Ads. Nice :)

-- Still enjoying my 6% weekly from GNI.

-- My Private Surf has turned out to be a life saver too. The money I earn there I am using to 'play' in other good programs that come along.

-- Waiting for my squirrels to show up. They didn't come over yesterday cause there was way too much snow! I did get them a new bag of peanuts though.


Myrna said...

You might not believe this .. but we have no snow here (date is Nov 16)in this part of Alberta - and today is sunny too. A real treat !!
I emailed you a message.
Stay well.

blondie said...

And you're even a lot more North than I am! Good for Alberta!!
Well Colorado is weird cause of the altitude. Was in shorts and flip flops one day, then in snow boots the next.
Go figure.
I'll go look for your note now.
Thanks :)

Danish said...

Hey Blondie,
Guess the snow blower takes precedence over the lawn mower and spreader huh?
If you are #275 and haven't seen anything yet, I guess I'll just carry on and maybe check the site in a month from now....I'm #422. Oh well, glad it's only ten bucks, eh?

blondie said...

Hi Dave,
I think it was the time purchased that makes a difference. Not necessarily the member #. Oh well.
Either way looks like it'll take a while. Hope I'm wrong, ya know?
Have a great day!

Curt said...

Up here in southern ontario, i've only noticed a few flurries so far, which is good for me, not so good for my daughter, lol. I hate driving in that crap.

blondie said...

So does that mean when it snows you make her walk? LOL

Curt said...

i'm too nice to do that, plus she's only 4, so don't know where she'd be walking to, lol