Monday, November 9, 2009

On and On ...

-- Well I don't know about you but I'm trying to wrap my head around Rollover-Ads. I'm not seeing what I expected to see by "rolling" my entire daily earning. So let me do a little more studying and maybe it'll make more sense.
- OK, just read a pretty good explanation over at Gord's place today. See if this makes more sense. I'm still not sure myself. (big sigh)
- One more: the Admin also explained it here and here. Now you can be as confused as I am.
PS, I'm withdrawing today. Might rollover tomorrow. We'll see.

-- These profit share programs are killin me here. If I'm gonna lose money, let me lose it all at once .. like in a scam surf site, LOL. These long slow painful deaths are worse. So I'd prefer the Guillotine over the Chinese Water Torture any day.

-- I see only a 4.28% weekly rebate at AdShares4U this week. Ugh! Guess it's time for me to pull their banner before it's too late for someone else. OK done. If it's not working, it's not working and I refuse to collect referral money when I feel something is going down.

-- Was chatting with a friend this morning about truth. Do we tell the truth here in our blogs? Yes we do! Even when it hurts :(

-- Gotta hand it to Margaret over at MyMarketShares. At least she is doing something different to help those of us who are NOT in profit yet. For the rest of November, members who are already in profit will be required to roll over all earnings and referral commissions. She says: "This action will have a 2 fold win-win situation for everyone involved". Very cool idea on her part as I am also tired of seeing only the top promoters make out like bandits :)

-- Still waiting for that email from the PAC girls about their new program.

-- Gilbert and his NewSurfAge are still on top right now. Am hoping that the weekly streak of 20% will continue on and on and on. lol
PS: "
Only 6 more hours left to get your 20% weekly rebate. Purchase your TOTEMS within the next 6 hours and earn the full 20% from your new TOTEMS as long as you have surfed 6 days last week."


Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Love your quick death scenerios..I have to agree with that. Thanks For highlighting me in your Blog. I made a revision to that strategy on my article today. Seems...I have to adjust as I go...certainly a challenge.

The truth! will set you free..doesn't apply to politicians, lawyers or used car salesman...LOL

Remember Tom Cruise in "A Few Good Men"...You can't handle the truth!!

But yes, us Bloogers have to lay it on the line when we can


blondie said...

Hey Gord,

Glad you worked out that strategy for rolloverads. I did the same thing today even before I read your new blog post. Great minds eh?

And yes, the truth is the way to go .. fer sure :)