Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a Follow Up

I'll try not to rag about EPP so much today, lol
The point I was trying to get across is.. I would rather see a lot of people make a little money, than a few people make a lot of money. But the way this is set up, I don't see that happening. So I'll shush for a bit and wait it out.
As of this morning, I've not cycled out of phase one yet.
Purchased On Phase Earned
Phase 1 ($10.00) $0.00
Last thought on this one re: buying multiple spots.
If we had been limited to buying one spot at a time, then each spot would have been spaced out more, so a lot of members would now be in profit (by a little) and not feeling so left out, as opposed to one person raking it all in. Hope that made sense.
*Just got an informative comment from Rod. Go see.


Another 20% week accomplished at NewSurfAge. WTG


Rollover-Ads has started a referral contest and you can read the details HERE. And we had another 10% daily earning. Also very nice.


MyMarketShares is about to complete week 12 and Margaret is offering a 5% bonus on new funding to your wallet. And I don't see this as a red flag. She's just trying to get our ROI up there where it should be, which will help all of us in the long run.


OK this is slick. GNI has a new tool for members called Currency Manager. What you can do now is exchange your e-currencies in your back office for a 4% fee. Well Golly! Was wondering how to cash out my Liberty Reserve, lol Now I can do it easily thanks to them. (big smile)



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...against my better judgement, I went ahead and joined EPP...even buying my position! Number 358.

Guess I thought maybe this one would be different! Guess I thought I would help to get my 2 month old pendiing withdraw paid from their other program!

Guess I'm just gullible! Oh well...we tried, huh?

Have a good day!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Well it wasn't against my better judgement and I should have thought it through a little better.
Just added another thought to my note here above.
Plus it's only 2 days old now and I'm sure folks are marketing it. Guess we just need to give it some time, huh?
Take care young man!

Rod said...

I was 4 minutes ahead of you and I just cycled into phase 2 so you should not be too far behind me.

blondie said...

Hey Rod,
Yeah assuming the new buys are coming in strong.

Thanks for letting us know. I'll be watching more closely now as long as my PC stays up.

Hope the fish are biting today, LOL