Monday, November 30, 2009

Reading and Writing and Rithmetic

Here's one of the reasons I do more reading than writing. I read a lot of other peoples forum posts and think Yeah... wish I had said that! LOL Here's a good one I pulled from Mordk (MMG) last night. It was a response to "trust" issues and hits close to home, ya know?

I agree with MM, trust no one, simple as that. You do not know who sits behind a forum ID and what they are thinking.
Even your friends or long time associates, how can you know you can trust them once they get $ signs in their eyes?
Why we all have to remember at least one golden rule.... accept that the money you play with are gone the minute you hit the confirm button from your PP. If they come back again with interest you did well.
Just like playing Lotto, just here the odds are better wink.gif"


Just for the record in EPP ...
9482 positions left, that's a phase 2.


Believe it or Not ... I read that an older pending payment has been made to someone in PAC-RS. Really? Wouldn't that be great to see that one come back to life? I have a couple of pendings there myself and I do keep surfing... just in case :))


Is anyone planning on joining EPPXtra or not?
Just trying to get a feel for it at this point.
Yes I registered (duh) but haven't had the courage to cough up the spend yet. Still sitting on the fence on this one.
And yes I know I bad mouthed the girls and their programs lately, but the thought is always in the back of my mind wondering if this one will work.
I'm not trying to promote this to you by any means. I don't like losing (or waiting for) money any more than the next guy does. So if I DO decide to play, I'll let you know how I'm doing. Then you can either Poke Fun at me, or Congratulate me, depending on the outcome. Right?
Must be the gambler side of me taking over.
So do I place that bet? or not?

Two more things come to mind ...
- It takes money to make money, and
- You can't win if you don't play.
Still debating though.



js said...

Re Pac RS, yeah, me too blondie. I have well over 1K in pendings there. I feel that the ladies are trying to pump more money into that one via their recent launches. One of which will launch any time now.


blondie said...

Hey js,
yes I know what they're "trying" to do .. but will it work? Let's hope so.