Friday, November 20, 2009

--- Only took 6-1/2 hours more for my 3rd spot at EPP to cycle from phase 1 to phase 2. LOL. Now I need to wait again for them to cycle from phase 2 to 3 so that I can actually get some money paid back to me. I got a feeling it's gonna take a while so am not holding my breath.

--- Rich at Rollover-Ads said that he's going to post (at MMG) payments made since a lot of members are not posting them there. Should be interesting to see, and I was paid yesterday also. Hmmm, just logged in to see the ROI for yesterday was 7%, so it might be time for me to change my 'plan of attack'.

--- Next on my List of Things To Do is remove the MyOneDollarTeam link from my list here. Someone just wrote to me about it, so I checked my own account and saw that I made .20 cents in the many months I've been in it. So definitely NOT worth joining! Which reminds me .. MyNetWealthTeam is also questionable. It seems to have run out of steam lately too.

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