Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hermit Jim's BIG Day :)

Today is Hermit Jim's BIG Birthday!
I say big because he's 65 and proud of it!

I first met Jim when I started blogging two years ago. He's such a sweet man... full of life, humor and coffee. lol
And he always seems to come up with fun and creative posts in his own blog, which is now over two years old as well.

If you would like to wish Jim a Happy Birthday, you can do it here! The more the merrier, ya know?

Jim, you have a Wonderful Birthday today and don't eat more Cake and Ice Cream than I would, (and that's a lot!) hehehe

Happy Happy Birthday to You!!!
And many many more!!!!! xox

Song to follow below .. winky winky :)


Just playing the waiting game now at EPP. Once I cycle where I earn something, I'll write again.


The ROI at Rollover-Ads dropped to 5% today, and honestly I'm not surprised. Profit Shares are a dime a dozen these days and you can never replace the originals.
What did you say?
Ohhhh was just thinking of past models. For instance: 12DailyPro was an original. Studio Traffic and Dad n Daves were originals. Hell, even Dollar Monster was an original, lol. So what would the original profit share (that lasted awhile) be? AdVentures4U, probably.
But everything runs it's course and copy cats don't seem to last very long. So why is that? Have most people learned NOT to trust and to hit n run instead? Well I dunno. I'm no guru (and have never claimed to be), but I do try to get my seed money out a lot sooner now than I used to. Would rather play safe than sorry, ya know?


Just removed the PAC-RevenueShare banner. It's questionable if they'll ever return to a "working" program and start paying those many pending payouts. So until I see something good there, am just gonna put it to sleep.
But I did just re-purchase into the RS with earnings so am running $545 now. Wish me luck and luck to you as well :)


Talk about clean up day ...
Just dumped MyMarketShares also (banner). I've been supportive all along and Miss Margaret misunderstood a note I put in a forum. I apologized to her and said it WAS meant as a compliment, but ... did she ever apologize to me? Nope.
So I'm gonna lose on this one. I don't see it re-cooping enough, fast enough for me to be in profit. Dang!


For my good buddy The Hermit Jim.
May we live happily ever after :)

"Memories seem like yesterday"
OK so maybe this guy isn't as old as we are but I really like the song. And tell me, how many people out there remember Howdie Doody?

I could sing the theme song for ya, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to hear it. "It's Howdie Doody time, It's Howdie Doody time, Let's give a great big cheer, Cause Howdie Doody's here" hahaha

Happy Birthday Jim!


HermitJim said...

Blondie...I'm absoutely speechless! This is a wonderful tribute, my friend! I certainlt am honored and thank you very, very much...

You are a very special friend, my girl! Thank you again...!

blondie said...

Hey, you deserve it and much more.
Hope this day and every day from now on is a wonderful one!
Save a piece of cake for me, lol