Friday, November 6, 2009

- GNI is supposed to be back up today. Site could still be propagating. Please Stand By :)

- No word yet on when the new 10$ program is going to open. But we will get a 24 hour notice so sit tight.

- My is coming up for renewal soon and I'm NOT going to renew it. WHY? Because blondiesblog dot com redirects to a teen porn site and I don't want anyone to confuse me with that. So if you've been visiting me through "" please bookmark this link instead. Thanks much :)

- Tell Me Why I have to Un-Sub from something I never Sub'd to in the first place? (Sounds like a George Carlin skit, doesn't it?)
I get these newsletters that give me the option to Un-Sub ... but I never subscribed to them to start with. So where in the heck did they get my email address from?!? Dang spammers!

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