Monday, November 2, 2009

No Barking

No Barking at the Full Moon tonight, OK?


Gold Nugget Invest is back on track. Sunday's interest earnings are showing in my account today... YaY!
Will wait a day or two before withdrawing again.


Been trying to read between the lines of what's happening at PAC-RevenueShare and the New program that the ladies will be launching this week. I have reason to believe that this new program will help PRS come back to life, which is good news for me and a lot of others! So Let's Get This Show on the Road! I'm ready to rock!


No rebates have been posted at AdShares4U yet. Hmmm. Well I'll keep checking and I'm sure you will too.
** Update: Rebates are posted now. It's not much but it's there.
Rebates have been posted and you can cashout till Tuesday. Sorry about the delay."


Just answered an email about 10DollarsWonder. What a joke that program has turned into. Can't believe the Admin still shows my blog link as a "Top Promoter". Guess he doesn't read my blog, LOL. Oh well. I hope to get some readers from that link who really DO want to make some money on the net.
BTW, my re-purchase from 10/27 has not earned one dime yet. Sad huh?


I need a song. What shall it be?

OK I got one.
Just got a call from my Son. His company is changing his location and his new place of business will be about 5 minutes from home. To top that off, his new Title is "General Manager".
Oh and yes, he already has the girl of his dreams :)
I am so proud of them both!
Time to Celebrate you two! Congrats!!!


Jess said...

One of my favorite songs mom! Thanks for the good words. I love you!

blondie said...

And you remember that song? LOL
Love you too kiddo!
Congrats on picking a good husband! :P