Saturday, November 14, 2009

Launch Postponed Till Tomorrow

-- Yes it's true. The new program launch has been postponed by Kazzy and EL and will NOT launch today. They found some errors and their programmer doesn't work weekends.
*Just received, looks like tomorrow is the day.
Hi Everyone!
Fantastic News! Our Programmer came on and he fixed the Glitch.
We had a Poll going on the forum and many of you would like us to go ahead with the launch but we feel it's best and more fair to everyone if we re-schedule the launch to Tomorrow, Sunday 4.00 PM GMT.
Thank you for your wonderful Patience and Co-Operation.
Spread the word, bring your friends along and Be Prepared to Earn!
Kazzy and EL

-- Today was my day to roll at Rollover-Ads .. so I did. Yes it's still at 10% but when you roll, you really only get 1/3 of that added to your balance. Ho-hum.

-- My crazy squirrel is back. I'm almost out of peanuts and have no car today. So while he's climbing my storm door, I keep telling him the cupboards are bare, but he doesn't listen well.

-- Am getting a bunch of returned mail / undeliverables in my gmail account. I'm not sending all those emails out! I'm really not!! So does that mean some bone head spammer IS and using my gmail address as a sent from address? Holy crap!
Well, if you receive some spam from me, it's NOT from me. You guys know I wouldn't do that. Geez :(
-OK, I did more checking. Doesn't look like anyone's hacked into my gmail account so they are probably just using my gmail address when they send their SPAM. Scum Bags!!!

-- While surfing today I had to laugh when I saw the 10DollarsWonder site go by. Why would anyone promote that one now? It's too late! So perhaps they're new to it (good excuse) or just trying to make a buck at someone elses expense.
There are a lot of wolves out there.
Be careful who you trust.

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.
But what's puzzling you, is the nature of my game."


Diva said...

Hey Judy,

I have the same thing going on with my gmail. Strange.


blondie said...

Hey Chris,

I changed my password in google and haven't seen any since.
So either that worked OR he was just done using my address. dang!

Curt said...

i received a ton of those in my yahoo account a few days ago. Nothing since.

blondie said...

In Yahoo? Really?
Pretty bizarre if you ask me.