Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AdzPays Launch Time Changed

AdzPays: Launch moved forward by 4 hours.
OK by me. It'll be 3 PM Mountain time now instead of 11 AM. Hope this change works for the rest of you.
Yes I've funded my e-wallet and ready to purchase.

Hello Esteemed Members,

Thanks you for all your great and kind support.

We see so many members funding their accounts and getting ready for launch.

We have also received requests from some people asking for a little time to complete fund transfers to their E- currencies and also due to some technical issues and to be sure we have all our team on board during launch, we have shifted the launch time by 4 hours.

We will be launching the program by 4pm Server time. Just follow the timer on the website home page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team


Here's an update from PerfectAdSolution:
(didn't want to post this today but if I didn't, I'm sure I'd forget, lol)

We'd like to clear up any confusion regarding the prizes from our recently finished contest.
All prizes will be added to your balances at PAS and not directly sent to your Processor.

We should be announing the launch date very soon now.
You'll be able to pre-fund at least 1 day before the launch date.

We'd like to warmly welcome our new members and thank you for joining our program.
You've made a right decision. We want to create something big, exciting and long-lasting, and now you're a part of it.
PerfectAdSolution is the answer to our member's needs.
It's a program designed for us all, we combined our years of experience in the industry to develop it.
If you see the program's potential, make it strong and successful. Promote it using the list of tips we've prepared for you.
1) Like our FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/PerfectAdSolution
2) Share our fanpage
3) Put our banner in your forum signature, you can find them here: https://www.perfectadsolution.com/referrals/tools
4) Be active on forums
5) Co-operate with the admin team, GRs and LT members.
6) Invite your friends by sending them on of the emails we've prepared for you.
7) Repeat above steps every 3 days
REMEMBER:   Your success is our success and our success is your success.

And some tips for you:
- Referral commission from the RevShare keeps your ROI low.
- RevShare referral commission: 8% on Level 1, 2% on Level 2
- You receive 100% of your referrals monthly Membership fee - residual income!
-- PerfectAdSolutionTeam

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