Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Received a few updates from AdzPays since I last posted but I'll just post the newest. I'm sure if you're a member, you're getting them also. Even though the launch was a few minutes late yesterday, everything went smoothly once it opened. I did purchase in both the Cycler and the Rev Share portion and started receiving rev share earnings today :)

Hello there,

Thank you all for your support and a warm welcome to our new members.

We have paid a 2% Profit Share on Rev Share Unit at 12noon June 25, 2014. Next profit share will be tomorrow sametime.
We have also expanded our server by 3 more times. During the expansion time, the website went down. It was NOT an attack.

Also, we want to warn members that our Admin has not started posting on any forum yet except the Facebook Fan Page.
Anyone posting as JubyAdmin on any forum is just an impostor. Ignore them.

Finally for this update, please, be sure to use your Advertising Credits given with your subscription/rev share units.
Set up your banner ads and add links to the surfing bar.

Thanks and God bless!
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Had to take my old 95 Ford for an emissions test this morning and it passed with flying colors, woohoo! That test and a new sticker set me back another 100 bucks. Dang. Well at least it's done until next year.

We should be hearing from PerfectAdSolutions any day now announcing their official launch date. Stay tuned.

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