Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Long Is a Few Days?

In my book it's 3.
Checking google answers, most say 3.
Runner up is 3-4. Anything more than that is several.

So in Twentyby30, since I don't have many positions still cycling, I decided not to spend that additional 40%. Would rather let it wind down at this time and keep an eye on it.

Now, I received my last payment of $33 on Friday, June 20th. Cycling was scheduled to start again on Monday, June 23rd. I did not cycle. Nor did I cycle on Tuesday. What's wrong?

Checked my member area to see this "Red Alert" posted. The first part gave me details in numbers and the 2nd part looks like this:

You need to purchase at least: 2 units from STP to meet the 40% requirement
Your account is temporary on hold until 40% requirement is met
Your withdrawals are cancelled and credited back to balance
If you choose NOT to buy back 40%, your positions mature rate will be changed in a few days.

My understanding was the 40% purchase was an option, not a rule. I mean, if I decide to only earn 120% ROI rather than 150% ROI, you might think the Admin would be happy about that. Less money to pay out.

So here it is Sunday and I did not cycle once in my account last week. I wrote to Admin and submitted a Ticket telling them I had no intention to do the 40% any longer and that they should NOT have stopped my cycling due to that. I mean... after your spends are 20 days cycled, you've only earned back your original spend with the profit coming 10 days later. So how hard can it be to adjust my final payout from $2.50 to $1.00?

Today I am still waiting and nothing has moved in my account.

I know some of you are doing well in 20x30 and I don't mean to dissuade you from playing BUT I did want to prepare you for what happens when you choose NOT to add the 40% STP back in.

Of course I'll keep you updated on my own situation and let you know when something happens.

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