Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I gotta agree with the Cat.
Let's have a cupcake and not worry about bad luck today. I got dibs on the chocolate one with the flower on top. Is that really a flower? Maybe I need new glasses.

Program updates in no particular order cause my brain is just set up that way.

Twentyby30: had 4 more positions "mature" last night which gifted me with an additional $10 in my account. My active positions are getting low so guess I should bite the bullet and purchase a few extra. It's doing great by the way :)


AdzPays: has 326 members as I write this.
I checked my account a couple of hours ago and saw that my $20 play money has earned me $10 back so far. Not too bad for just over a day.
The pre-launch is set for one week so we can see how the program works and the Admin can check for any errors or glitches too.
When you register you automatically get $20 (play money) in your account to watch. Sort of fun actually and costs you nothing to see it in action.

NapierLtd: seeing a lot of payment proofs in the forums and I myself should be getting another one later today*. Lookin good :)
* and I did...
Amount: 3.00 $
Comment: Withdraw to blondie from Napier Consulting Limited

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