Friday, June 20, 2014

TGIF and more...

Another AdzPays Update follows.
Must say I like the communication from them. Oh and I did make a mistake in yesterdays post. Looks like launch is at 1:00 PM EDT on Tuesday the 24th.
Note: I've earned $25 from that $20 play money purchase so far and that is from cycling only. Started at $2 per cycle, now cycling at $3. FYI

Hello there,

Good day everyone and remain blessed. We are truly happy to have you all on board, and as we gear up for launch come Tuesday, please be informed about the following actions:

1. We are considering adding Bitcoins as another payment system to give members more payment options for our program. You shall be duly updated once we decide and get this done.

2. Cycle bonus was increased to $3 per cycle, and that means with just 10 cycles (for example), you already earn 150% return; this is apart from the rev share earnings.

3. Be sure to use our advertising service, which has been added to your account during this prelaunch testing period to fully understand the system. Simply, Login, look under Advertising on the left panel, Click My Banner Impressions to add your 125X125 banners. Click My Directory Listing to your websites or Ref Links to our surfing bar.

4. Ewallet funding will be enabled a day before launch so that members can pre-fund their account as they will.

5. All prelaunch testing data will be cleared out a day before launch too.

Thank you and till next update.

AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Almost forgot to post...
was paid today from Twentyby30. Off to post in a forum and submit my testimonial. Thanks Admin :)

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