Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiny Dancer

While waiting for some news on our programs, here's my Tiny Dancer, Olivia Rae.
Even though the outfit was totally out of character for her, she did a great job at her dance recital.
(she'd rather be in blue jeans and a t-shirt, much like her gramma :)


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Olivia is such a cutie. I know you enjoyed watching her perform. I know I do my granddauthers in their cheer competitions.

I hope things are going well. Good here, just waiting for #6 to get here.

Have a great week.

blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Yeah she's a cutie for sure and still not sure how I got so lucky.
You got your hands full with almost 6, lol
Have a good week!

HermitJim said...

Oh, the joys of being a grandparent! cute little rascal!

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Yeah she's a rascal for sure.
That dance almost didn't happen. She refused to get dressed for it at first.
Like I said, she's more comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt.
Cheers !