Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday John

Hey John,
It's your birthday!
You thought I forgot, didn't ya?
Well I didn't and here we are again.

Since I can't send any gifts to your location or speak to you in skype... how about I make a little toast to one of my best friends of all time who I still miss dearly.
(Figured you wouldn't turn down a little drinkie, har)
Cheers to my wacky friend js (aka micronuts) xoxo

Quick PAS update:
Purchasing Ad Packages is temporarily disabled so we can do a system restart and apply bugfixes.
Every position and transaction will be deleted and your beta balances will go back to $1000.
You should be able to start purchasing Ad Packages once again in a couple of hours tops, probably a lot sooner.

And later in the day:
System has been successfully restarted.
With this system update we hope to fix most of the bugs that manifested themself during the beta.
What some people struggle to understand though, is that the sole purpose of the beta testing is... to test the system.
Money in your account is just Play Money, nothing more. Who in their right mind would have given away thousands upon thousands of dollars for what?
A few clicks every now and then? People... be reasonable.

For those of you, who actually want to learn the system, we have prepared some infographics:
CyclerMatrix - Details -
TimeMatrix - Details -
More of them are on their way, keep an eye on the page.

We urge you to keep testing the system so we can confirm that the bugs were indeed fixed and so we can schedule the launch of the Beta Contest.

Twentyby30: fastest $25 payment ever! Requested yesterday and received this afternoon! WooHoo!
Now am off to purchase a couple of new positions to keep my ROI at 150%. Thanks Admin :)

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