Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Birthday

Today is my good buddy Gord's birthday!
You all know Gordon from his GordsHomeBiz blog.
Anyway I heard he liked Speedo's so went looking for a pair. Hmmm, can't find any in 'his' size. lol

So the next best thing would be boxers, but the cat liked them so much, he stole them! (Cat says: Who me?)

So am sorry Gord.
Guess I'll just have to wish you a very Happy Birthday and remember, you're not getting older... as long as you stay away from the speedos, I'm sure you can hide your age just fine, lol

All in good fun.
Cheers and Have a Wonderful Birthday!!!

OK, let me go see what else I need to write about.

Twentyby30: right on schedule my next 5 positions matured and sent $2.50 each to my account balance. WooHoo again! One more day and I'll be doing another cash out. This really is going well. Hope you all are as happy as I am with it's progress :)

PerfectAdSolution: don't forget about it being in Beta Test where you can join and receive $1,000 of play money to see how the system will work once it's launched. On the site, in "How It Works" is a new list of infographics to help you learn and understand all about it.


Gord said...

That was a hoot!

Thank you for the Birthday wishes

As I get older... the mind says...
"Let's do this!"

Sometimes the body just doesn't
get the message and seems to do
that lag thing or "oh no...
that's not going to happen today."

blondie said...

Glad it made you smile and my pleasure.

Hope I didn't say too much about your love for speedos though, lol

Cheers Gord
Hope your Birthday was a good one.