Monday, June 23, 2014

AdzPays Launch Update for Tomorrow

AdzPays Udate... looks like a couple of things were changed since their last update. I haven't pre-funded yet. Just got home from grocery shopping and need to dig into the bottom of my purse for some left over pennies before I fund. Seriously, the cost of groceries! Sheesh!

Hello members,

Thank you for your kind support all through our prelaunch. We are officially launching tomorrow as scheduled (just follow the timer on our homepage), and please be informed as follows:

(a) We have removed all the prelaunch test data and reverted all account balance to zero

(b) We have opened E-wallet funding page so you can prefund your accounts, if you so wish.

(c) We have changed our Rev share profit to 130% and maximum 2% daily profit shares.

(d) You can buy 1 subscription per time and up to 5 subscriptions per day

(e) You can buy up to 10 Rev share Units per day. That's $50 spend.

AdzPays.Net Admin Team

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