Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday It Is

AdzPays Update:
Hello there,
We are 6 days into prelaunch and currently have over 680 members and over 300 likes on Facebook Page - all thanks to your strong support.
The team is rocking as we are gearing up to official launch of this awesome program.

Due to some issues that need to be sorted out regarding our support partners, official launch is fixed for Monday June 23, 2014, as we need to get everything concluded.
Details of the launch will be sent out before the weekend and timer will be set on our site too.

We have also added Perfect Money to our payment processor list. So, we now accept STP, Egopay and PM.

Guys, let's hit the road harder as we near launch date. We target a 1000 member mark by launch date, and together we can achieve it.
Yes, we can. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Thanks once again and till our next update. Stay blessed.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Me: I'm getting anxious for the launch of this on Monday. Sure hope it opens during my normal online hours, lol

Unfortunately I needed to put Napier Ltd on problem status today. Someone in the forum complained about a late payment and since then, I haven't seen any more payment proofs. Well maybe 1 but I normally see several during the day. Watching.

Whoa getting dark in here and it's only 6 PM.
C'mon Storm! We really need the rain.

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