Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday and another new one...

In pre-launch at the moment.
Details coming soon :)

OK back. Sorry but I needed to eat lunch first.

Well this morning I received several emails and spam promoting this program. It just opened for pre-launch and you can join now to check it out more.
I did a little investigating and really liked what I heard.
Seems the Admin of this one also ran the "Juby" site (if you're familiar with them) and word on the street is that s/he did a great job to the very end. I wasn't involved in it but my upline was and informed me that he did very well. That's a plus.

So I did join and received the note below telling me I got a FREE Subscription so that I can learn how this works before the actual launch.

"Please, Note that we are in Prelaunch stage and to show the power of our Unique Single Line Compensation System, a subscription has been added to your account, and you will start seeing your Potential Earnings accrue by the day. This is purely for illustration and beta testing purposes and will be removed before official launch!"

Back to me. Was outside pulling weeds earlier and now my eyes are all blurry and it's hard to see and/or read. So I stole (with permission) a portion of my friend Gord's blog who explains the process a little more.

"When AdzPays officially launches... I will be required to buy a $20 monthly subscription (entry into the "single line" cycler system) in order to earn from the $5 Adverts I intend to purchase, which will expire at 120%.

It's always wise to read the FAQ's and hit the "Program Detail" tab to see how the overall compensation plan works with video included.

A common question is included in the FAQ's..

Do I Have To Click Ads?

No, you do not have to click ads and surf everyday to earn. But for those who surf, they are rewarded with $0.01 per site surfed.
SolidTrustPay and EgoPay are accepted with a $10 minimum withdrawal.

As I mentioned, AdzPays is getting a lot of attention and I have to assume it's because of the Admin who has run successful programs in the past."

So I'm going to go increase the font size of the site and see what I can see next. Give a holler and I'll help if I can. I'm at the learning stage too but have connections, lol

I'll catch up with the rest tomorrow.

- was PAID today from NapierLtd.

- cycled last night at Twentyby30 (of course).

That's all for now. Still having trouble seeing what's going on.
Have a good night / day / afternoon :))

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