Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Troubles

First things first...
Before I forget, have you guys seen the latest RAF News? It's not a pretty picture:


NapierLtd: as you know I joined yesterday (with a small spend), but today was feeling good enough to make another deposit. Still not a huge one but it's what I could afford for now.
(shame that these sites can't accept STP)
Anyway, received my daily earning on schedule this morning and will wait a bit before withdrawing to let it build a little first.

brb, need to get outside for a bit...
OK back. It was too windy and my hair was everywhere!

PAS: been having fun there playing with the $1K play money. Looks like I'm in the top 10 in the contest, last I checked. I see some members waaaaay up there compared to me so they either have a better handle on how to work this one or they have a lot of referrals. Well, either way, it's sort of fun.

Twentyby30: a new week of cycling is underway and tonight my "claimed" positions will be paid in full. How cool is that? So in a few more days I'll be requesting another withdraw. All is good :)
Oh and did you notice, member count is over 1100 now.

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