Monday, June 9, 2014

New Program Opened Today

Here's a new one that caught my eye.
Napier Ltd just opened this morning and the plans are reasonable.
Earnings start at 3% daily
All Plans run for 60 days
Minimum deposit is $5
No surfing required
Compounding is allowed
Takes the usual pay processors (except STP)
Now the part that jumped out at me...
Principal Returned after 60 days.
OK, I've been in programs like this before and believe it or not, I did receive my principal back after the set time frame. It really depends on the growth of the program over those 60 days and keeping good member support during the entire time.
So needless to say, I'm going for it :)

BBL, got some other things to do today.

PerfectAdSolution: it's time for the contest to start.
It's Open now. Officially at Noon EDT.
Go go go if you're playing in it.

Twentyby30: received another payment days before the estimated pay date. Gotta love it when they come early :) Off to make some new purchases now. Thanks Ryan!


ld randi said...

hi Blondie!
lately i am not very active in the makingmoneyonline industry but i always read your blog! :-)
just joined Napier under you with a minimal spend, just to have some fun!

blondie said...

Thanks Randi :)
Hope we do have some fun and add a few bucks to our pay processors as well, lol
Nice to see you as always.