Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Day of June

Good News from AdzPays:
Hello there,

Thank you all for your support. Our membership base is also rising steadily and we are enjoying good patronage from Advertisers. We have also implemented a limited time promo offer of 50% off all Banner/Login Ads.

In our last update, we told you about some system improvements and planned actions. Please, stay tuned,as we shall update you soon about the system change that will speed up the line cycling system and increase our Rev Share pool. The change will also attract more members too.

With the rising membership base, we are working on building a real profitable, long term, and responsive advertising network.

Thanks and till next update. Please hang in there! WE LOVE YOU.

AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Me: my rev shares are earning daily and I have been doing the Surf and Earn also for the extra pennies. Anxious to hear about their new plans though since we all know the cycler could use a little kick.

PerfectAdSolution: well it's month end and still no word on an official launch date. But as they say, good things are worth waiting for.

Twentyby30: as of last Friday, I'm owed an entire week of cycler earnings. Had no idea when I decided not to spend that 40% that my account would come to a screeching halt.

OK, that's all for now.
It's my birthday and I should be out doing something fun, but I'm not. Been walking around in circles all day and can't decide what to do with myself. Hmmm, could be just another sign of old age, I suppose. lol
Cheers :)

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Long Is a Few Days?

In my book it's 3.
Checking google answers, most say 3.
Runner up is 3-4. Anything more than that is several.

So in Twentyby30, since I don't have many positions still cycling, I decided not to spend that additional 40%. Would rather let it wind down at this time and keep an eye on it.

Now, I received my last payment of $33 on Friday, June 20th. Cycling was scheduled to start again on Monday, June 23rd. I did not cycle. Nor did I cycle on Tuesday. What's wrong?

Checked my member area to see this "Red Alert" posted. The first part gave me details in numbers and the 2nd part looks like this:

You need to purchase at least: 2 units from STP to meet the 40% requirement
Your account is temporary on hold until 40% requirement is met
Your withdrawals are cancelled and credited back to balance
If you choose NOT to buy back 40%, your positions mature rate will be changed in a few days.

My understanding was the 40% purchase was an option, not a rule. I mean, if I decide to only earn 120% ROI rather than 150% ROI, you might think the Admin would be happy about that. Less money to pay out.

So here it is Sunday and I did not cycle once in my account last week. I wrote to Admin and submitted a Ticket telling them I had no intention to do the 40% any longer and that they should NOT have stopped my cycling due to that. I mean... after your spends are 20 days cycled, you've only earned back your original spend with the profit coming 10 days later. So how hard can it be to adjust my final payout from $2.50 to $1.00?

Today I am still waiting and nothing has moved in my account.

I know some of you are doing well in 20x30 and I don't mean to dissuade you from playing BUT I did want to prepare you for what happens when you choose NOT to add the 40% STP back in.

Of course I'll keep you updated on my own situation and let you know when something happens.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

One More Day

I'll be back tomorrow with updates.
Having a problem with one of my programs and will give them one more day to get it working again before I tell you about it.

Also expecting an update from PAS giving us an official launch date.

OK that's all. Leaving shortly for dinner.
Not trying to brag but my Son can BBQ a steak better than the high class restaurants out there so am really looking forward to that.
Cheers :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Out With the Old...

In With the New. (soon I hope)
I cleaned house today. Can you tell?

Removed one banner because (1) the program is over 2 months old now and I don't want to see someone joining it at this point, and (2) I'm a little perturbed about how something was written as opposed to how it's really happening. It's too strange to explain, so I won't.

Removed another banner because I saw in their program news how they were bragging about all the sites that were linked to their site. Well, considering one of my payouts from them was well over 4 months pending, I don't want anyone to think that I'm supporting them in any way.

Oh and my carpet is vacuumed and my toilets are cleaned. See, I have been cleaning house today.

And I must admit, while I was working I was singing "go you chicken fat go". Catchy tune actually.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Received a few updates from AdzPays since I last posted but I'll just post the newest. I'm sure if you're a member, you're getting them also. Even though the launch was a few minutes late yesterday, everything went smoothly once it opened. I did purchase in both the Cycler and the Rev Share portion and started receiving rev share earnings today :)

Hello there,

Thank you all for your support and a warm welcome to our new members.

We have paid a 2% Profit Share on Rev Share Unit at 12noon June 25, 2014. Next profit share will be tomorrow sametime.
We have also expanded our server by 3 more times. During the expansion time, the website went down. It was NOT an attack.

Also, we want to warn members that our Admin has not started posting on any forum yet except the Facebook Fan Page.
Anyone posting as JubyAdmin on any forum is just an impostor. Ignore them.

Finally for this update, please, be sure to use your Advertising Credits given with your subscription/rev share units.
Set up your banner ads and add links to the surfing bar.

Thanks and God bless!
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Had to take my old 95 Ford for an emissions test this morning and it passed with flying colors, woohoo! That test and a new sticker set me back another 100 bucks. Dang. Well at least it's done until next year.

We should be hearing from PerfectAdSolutions any day now announcing their official launch date. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

AdzPays Launch Time Changed

AdzPays: Launch moved forward by 4 hours.
OK by me. It'll be 3 PM Mountain time now instead of 11 AM. Hope this change works for the rest of you.
Yes I've funded my e-wallet and ready to purchase.

Hello Esteemed Members,

Thanks you for all your great and kind support.

We see so many members funding their accounts and getting ready for launch.

We have also received requests from some people asking for a little time to complete fund transfers to their E- currencies and also due to some technical issues and to be sure we have all our team on board during launch, we have shifted the launch time by 4 hours.

We will be launching the program by 4pm Server time. Just follow the timer on the website home page.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team


Here's an update from PerfectAdSolution:
(didn't want to post this today but if I didn't, I'm sure I'd forget, lol)

We'd like to clear up any confusion regarding the prizes from our recently finished contest.
All prizes will be added to your balances at PAS and not directly sent to your Processor.

We should be announing the launch date very soon now.
You'll be able to pre-fund at least 1 day before the launch date.

We'd like to warmly welcome our new members and thank you for joining our program.
You've made a right decision. We want to create something big, exciting and long-lasting, and now you're a part of it.
PerfectAdSolution is the answer to our member's needs.
It's a program designed for us all, we combined our years of experience in the industry to develop it.
If you see the program's potential, make it strong and successful. Promote it using the list of tips we've prepared for you.
1) Like our FB fanpage:
2) Share our fanpage
3) Put our banner in your forum signature, you can find them here:
4) Be active on forums
5) Co-operate with the admin team, GRs and LT members.
6) Invite your friends by sending them on of the emails we've prepared for you.
7) Repeat above steps every 3 days
REMEMBER:   Your success is our success and our success is your success.

And some tips for you:
- Referral commission from the RevShare keeps your ROI low.
- RevShare referral commission: 8% on Level 1, 2% on Level 2
- You receive 100% of your referrals monthly Membership fee - residual income!
-- PerfectAdSolutionTeam

Monday, June 23, 2014

AdzPays Launch Update for Tomorrow

AdzPays Udate... looks like a couple of things were changed since their last update. I haven't pre-funded yet. Just got home from grocery shopping and need to dig into the bottom of my purse for some left over pennies before I fund. Seriously, the cost of groceries! Sheesh!

Hello members,

Thank you for your kind support all through our prelaunch. We are officially launching tomorrow as scheduled (just follow the timer on our homepage), and please be informed as follows:

(a) We have removed all the prelaunch test data and reverted all account balance to zero

(b) We have opened E-wallet funding page so you can prefund your accounts, if you so wish.

(c) We have changed our Rev share profit to 130% and maximum 2% daily profit shares.

(d) You can buy 1 subscription per time and up to 5 subscriptions per day

(e) You can buy up to 10 Rev share Units per day. That's $50 spend.

AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Day of Summer and...

Longest day of the year.

Glad that starting tomorrow the days will start getting shorter again. I really don't like cooking when the blazing sun is coming through my kitchen window and it's too hot inside and out. Give me fall or give me spring but summer is really out of my comfort zone.

AdzPays: over 800 registered members so far and launch is scheduled for June 24th, 1 PM EDT.
I plan to play the game and hope we all do well.
On launch day you can only purchase 1 position in their straight line cycler but the following days you can purchase up to 5. Now remember these are subscriptions so don't spend more than you can afford to pay for monthly.

Friday, June 20, 2014

TGIF and more...

Another AdzPays Update follows.
Must say I like the communication from them. Oh and I did make a mistake in yesterdays post. Looks like launch is at 1:00 PM EDT on Tuesday the 24th.
Note: I've earned $25 from that $20 play money purchase so far and that is from cycling only. Started at $2 per cycle, now cycling at $3. FYI

Hello there,

Good day everyone and remain blessed. We are truly happy to have you all on board, and as we gear up for launch come Tuesday, please be informed about the following actions:

1. We are considering adding Bitcoins as another payment system to give members more payment options for our program. You shall be duly updated once we decide and get this done.

2. Cycle bonus was increased to $3 per cycle, and that means with just 10 cycles (for example), you already earn 150% return; this is apart from the rev share earnings.

3. Be sure to use our advertising service, which has been added to your account during this prelaunch testing period to fully understand the system. Simply, Login, look under Advertising on the left panel, Click My Banner Impressions to add your 125X125 banners. Click My Directory Listing to your websites or Ref Links to our surfing bar.

4. Ewallet funding will be enabled a day before launch so that members can pre-fund their account as they will.

5. All prelaunch testing data will be cleared out a day before launch too.

Thank you and till next update.

AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Almost forgot to post...
was paid today from Twentyby30. Off to post in a forum and submit my testimonial. Thanks Admin :)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Never mind

Did I say Monday?

Now it's a Tuesday launch for those who are interested in AdzPays: (psst: I think their server time is on EDT.)
Hello there,
We are pleased to announce that we shall be going live - that is official launch - on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at 12 noon Server Time. Countdown Timer shall be added to site shortly, within few minutes from this update.

We have also been studying our cycler system and recalculating our set up during this prelaunch, and we have implemented a major change as follows:

Cycler bonus, which was previously set at $2 per cycle, is now $3 per cycle; and the 50 cycle limit is reduced to 35.

This change has not in anyway affected our ability to pay your earnings, it will rather make you earn higher income faster.

So, keep an eye for the timer and we shall be in touch with more updates as we near the launch date. Thanks

AdzPays.Net Admin Team


PerfectAdSolution: the Contest is done and the winners were announced in an email sent to us all.
Congrats to all who won and let me know if you did not receive the email. I'll be happy to forward it on to you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Monday It Is

AdzPays Update:
Hello there,
We are 6 days into prelaunch and currently have over 680 members and over 300 likes on Facebook Page - all thanks to your strong support.
The team is rocking as we are gearing up to official launch of this awesome program.

Due to some issues that need to be sorted out regarding our support partners, official launch is fixed for Monday June 23, 2014, as we need to get everything concluded.
Details of the launch will be sent out before the weekend and timer will be set on our site too.

We have also added Perfect Money to our payment processor list. So, we now accept STP, Egopay and PM.

Guys, let's hit the road harder as we near launch date. We target a 1000 member mark by launch date, and together we can achieve it.
Yes, we can. If you can believe it, you can achieve it.

Thanks once again and till our next update. Stay blessed.
AdzPays.Net Admin Team

Me: I'm getting anxious for the launch of this on Monday. Sure hope it opens during my normal online hours, lol

Unfortunately I needed to put Napier Ltd on problem status today. Someone in the forum complained about a late payment and since then, I haven't seen any more payment proofs. Well maybe 1 but I normally see several during the day. Watching.

Whoa getting dark in here and it's only 6 PM.
C'mon Storm! We really need the rain.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Updates and Super Hero's

AdzPays: no official launch date as of yet but I did hear the Admin is thinking about opening on Monday the 23rd. So you have plenty of time to register and check it out for free if you're interested.

NapierLtd is doing great and we are earning (and getting paid) daily.

PAS: having a hard time understanding it still. Maybe it's just too much for my old brain or maybe it's because of my ADHD? In any case, should be opening somewhere between June 23-30th.

Twentyby30: cycling started up again last night and we will continue cycling daily through Friday :)

Told you yesterday that the dance costume was totally out of character for Olivia. Here's the real O-Rae in her element. Our little super hero!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tiny Dancer

While waiting for some news on our programs, here's my Tiny Dancer, Olivia Rae.
Even though the outfit was totally out of character for her, she did a great job at her dance recital.
(she'd rather be in blue jeans and a t-shirt, much like her gramma :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Hope all you Dad's out there are enjoying your day.
Take advantage of it if you can, lol

I don't know what else to say.

AdzPays member count is growing and launch should be in 3 or so days from today.

NapierLtd continues to kick out our daily earnings and payouts are still super fast.

PAS will be opening sometime after June 23rd, maybe closer to the 30th.

Twentyby30, it's the weekend so no cycling but I did request another withdraw yesterday that should be paid this coming week.

That's all folks :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th

I gotta agree with the Cat.
Let's have a cupcake and not worry about bad luck today. I got dibs on the chocolate one with the flower on top. Is that really a flower? Maybe I need new glasses.

Program updates in no particular order cause my brain is just set up that way.

Twentyby30: had 4 more positions "mature" last night which gifted me with an additional $10 in my account. My active positions are getting low so guess I should bite the bullet and purchase a few extra. It's doing great by the way :)


AdzPays: has 326 members as I write this.
I checked my account a couple of hours ago and saw that my $20 play money has earned me $10 back so far. Not too bad for just over a day.
The pre-launch is set for one week so we can see how the program works and the Admin can check for any errors or glitches too.
When you register you automatically get $20 (play money) in your account to watch. Sort of fun actually and costs you nothing to see it in action.

NapierLtd: seeing a lot of payment proofs in the forums and I myself should be getting another one later today*. Lookin good :)
* and I did...
Amount: 3.00 $
Comment: Withdraw to blondie from Napier Consulting Limited

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday and another new one...

In pre-launch at the moment.
Details coming soon :)

OK back. Sorry but I needed to eat lunch first.

Well this morning I received several emails and spam promoting this program. It just opened for pre-launch and you can join now to check it out more.
I did a little investigating and really liked what I heard.
Seems the Admin of this one also ran the "Juby" site (if you're familiar with them) and word on the street is that s/he did a great job to the very end. I wasn't involved in it but my upline was and informed me that he did very well. That's a plus.

So I did join and received the note below telling me I got a FREE Subscription so that I can learn how this works before the actual launch.

"Please, Note that we are in Prelaunch stage and to show the power of our Unique Single Line Compensation System, a subscription has been added to your account, and you will start seeing your Potential Earnings accrue by the day. This is purely for illustration and beta testing purposes and will be removed before official launch!"

Back to me. Was outside pulling weeds earlier and now my eyes are all blurry and it's hard to see and/or read. So I stole (with permission) a portion of my friend Gord's blog who explains the process a little more.

"When AdzPays officially launches... I will be required to buy a $20 monthly subscription (entry into the "single line" cycler system) in order to earn from the $5 Adverts I intend to purchase, which will expire at 120%.

It's always wise to read the FAQ's and hit the "Program Detail" tab to see how the overall compensation plan works with video included.

A common question is included in the FAQ's..

Do I Have To Click Ads?

No, you do not have to click ads and surf everyday to earn. But for those who surf, they are rewarded with $0.01 per site surfed.
SolidTrustPay and EgoPay are accepted with a $10 minimum withdrawal.

As I mentioned, AdzPays is getting a lot of attention and I have to assume it's because of the Admin who has run successful programs in the past."

So I'm going to go increase the font size of the site and see what I can see next. Give a holler and I'll help if I can. I'm at the learning stage too but have connections, lol

I'll catch up with the rest tomorrow.

- was PAID today from NapierLtd.

- cycled last night at Twentyby30 (of course).

That's all for now. Still having trouble seeing what's going on.
Have a good night / day / afternoon :))

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Troubles

First things first...
Before I forget, have you guys seen the latest RAF News? It's not a pretty picture:


NapierLtd: as you know I joined yesterday (with a small spend), but today was feeling good enough to make another deposit. Still not a huge one but it's what I could afford for now.
(shame that these sites can't accept STP)
Anyway, received my daily earning on schedule this morning and will wait a bit before withdrawing to let it build a little first.

brb, need to get outside for a bit...
OK back. It was too windy and my hair was everywhere!

PAS: been having fun there playing with the $1K play money. Looks like I'm in the top 10 in the contest, last I checked. I see some members waaaaay up there compared to me so they either have a better handle on how to work this one or they have a lot of referrals. Well, either way, it's sort of fun.

Twentyby30: a new week of cycling is underway and tonight my "claimed" positions will be paid in full. How cool is that? So in a few more days I'll be requesting another withdraw. All is good :)
Oh and did you notice, member count is over 1100 now.

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Program Opened Today

Here's a new one that caught my eye.
Napier Ltd just opened this morning and the plans are reasonable.
Earnings start at 3% daily
All Plans run for 60 days
Minimum deposit is $5
No surfing required
Compounding is allowed
Takes the usual pay processors (except STP)
Now the part that jumped out at me...
Principal Returned after 60 days.
OK, I've been in programs like this before and believe it or not, I did receive my principal back after the set time frame. It really depends on the growth of the program over those 60 days and keeping good member support during the entire time.
So needless to say, I'm going for it :)

BBL, got some other things to do today.

PerfectAdSolution: it's time for the contest to start.
It's Open now. Officially at Noon EDT.
Go go go if you're playing in it.

Twentyby30: received another payment days before the estimated pay date. Gotta love it when they come early :) Off to make some new purchases now. Thanks Ryan!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tomorrow... it's a date

I'll be here tomorrow bright and early. 
Just had to chill today and watch the rain.
Tell you what though, my flowers and veggie plants sure are happy about it.
Cheers :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday and Coupon Clipping

I don't know about you but with the prices of everything going sky high lately, I've really gotten into clipping coupons to save a few dollars. It does help, especially when something is already on sale.

For those of you involved or interested in
PerfectAdSolution (PAS), here's the latest:

We're happy to announce that all bugs seems to be fixed so we can proceed and announce our Contest's launch day.
A you can read in the title, Contest's launch date is Monday, June 9th at 12PM EDT
To check the time in different timezones you can use:

Contest rules and settings:
Beta will run from June 9th @ 12PM till June 19th @ 12PM.
Members will have $1000 of Play Money in their balances to be spent within the system.
Revenue will be shared every 30 minutes.
Restart in the Time Matrix will take place every 8 hours.
Members who "WITHDRAW" the most money before our contest ends will win cash prizes.
1st place: $500
2nd-3rd: $200
4th-13th: $100
You can use all parts of the system to accomplish that goal:
Refer people to get referral commission, purchase both Perfect RevShare and Perfect Matrix Packages.
Let the best man win.

For those of you who are still learning the system and haven't had a chance to check out our infographics here they are:

In other news, we're really happy to report that our membership has passed the 500 members line.
Let's all keep promoting and I'm sure that we'll be able to at least double that number in no time.

Completed another successful week of 5% daily cycling in Twentyby30. Everything has been really smooth there since the restart of the program. Thumbs Up and Thanks Admin.

Speaking of clippin coupons... we can't all be wealthy and money cannot buy everything. Especially not the things that matter most.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another Birthday

Today is my good buddy Gord's birthday!
You all know Gordon from his GordsHomeBiz blog.
Anyway I heard he liked Speedo's so went looking for a pair. Hmmm, can't find any in 'his' size. lol

So the next best thing would be boxers, but the cat liked them so much, he stole them! (Cat says: Who me?)

So am sorry Gord.
Guess I'll just have to wish you a very Happy Birthday and remember, you're not getting older... as long as you stay away from the speedos, I'm sure you can hide your age just fine, lol

All in good fun.
Cheers and Have a Wonderful Birthday!!!

OK, let me go see what else I need to write about.

Twentyby30: right on schedule my next 5 positions matured and sent $2.50 each to my account balance. WooHoo again! One more day and I'll be doing another cash out. This really is going well. Hope you all are as happy as I am with it's progress :)

PerfectAdSolution: don't forget about it being in Beta Test where you can join and receive $1,000 of play money to see how the system will work once it's launched. On the site, in "How It Works" is a new list of infographics to help you learn and understand all about it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday John

Hey John,
It's your birthday!
You thought I forgot, didn't ya?
Well I didn't and here we are again.

Since I can't send any gifts to your location or speak to you in skype... how about I make a little toast to one of my best friends of all time who I still miss dearly.
(Figured you wouldn't turn down a little drinkie, har)
Cheers to my wacky friend js (aka micronuts) xoxo

Quick PAS update:
Purchasing Ad Packages is temporarily disabled so we can do a system restart and apply bugfixes.
Every position and transaction will be deleted and your beta balances will go back to $1000.
You should be able to start purchasing Ad Packages once again in a couple of hours tops, probably a lot sooner.

And later in the day:
System has been successfully restarted.
With this system update we hope to fix most of the bugs that manifested themself during the beta.
What some people struggle to understand though, is that the sole purpose of the beta testing is... to test the system.
Money in your account is just Play Money, nothing more. Who in their right mind would have given away thousands upon thousands of dollars for what?
A few clicks every now and then? People... be reasonable.

For those of you, who actually want to learn the system, we have prepared some infographics:
CyclerMatrix - Details -
TimeMatrix - Details -
More of them are on their way, keep an eye on the page.

We urge you to keep testing the system so we can confirm that the bugs were indeed fixed and so we can schedule the launch of the Beta Contest.

Twentyby30: fastest $25 payment ever! Requested yesterday and received this afternoon! WooHoo!
Now am off to purchase a couple of new positions to keep my ROI at 150%. Thanks Admin :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Hoarding

For some strange reason, I can relate to this.

On another note, as I mentioned yesterday,
in Twentyby30 my first spends matured last night and the 50% balance was added to my account.
This morning I put in for a withdrawal and will purchase more positions once that is paid. Excellent :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

If You Build It, He Will Come

or If You Plant Them, They Will Grow, lol
Been outside all morning planting seeds.
We have a good selection of vegetables this year in the garden. I just hope that they can all grow and don't get eaten or trampled by the critters. Or used as a kitty litter box. (yeah that's happened before)

PerfectAdSolution: official Beta test and Contest are on hold again. Note from Admin explains:

"Unfortunately, we have to reschedule our contest once again.
We're still waiting for the script developer to fix the issues and we can't start the contest with those bugs not being fixed because it would make the whole contest unfair for some people.
We're sorry about that. New contest launch date hasn't been set yet, but we'll inform you as soon as it becomes available.
It shouldn't be more than just a couple of days. We'll keep you posted about the progress.

Tomorrow we're releasing new infographics, so keep an eye on How it works page and/or MMG thread.
If you still haven't had an opportunity to check out the one released on Saturday, here it is:

Twentyby30: Received my payment today right on schedule AND looking forward to my very first spends completing those 30 cycling days needed for earning the balance of my funds due.
You guys remember this part, right? Well, it's time!

"Positions will cycle at 5% daily for 20 days. The remaining percentage will be cycled on the mature date. Example: If you have positions, your positions will cycle at 5% ($0.25) daily for 20 days. On the 30th day, your positions will be cycled and earn the remaining 50% commission."

PS, 20x30 is over 1,000 Members now :)

OK OK, so Costner's corn are taller than mine. But it's only June and my corn are about 2 inches tall. Just hope I can harvest them before the raccoon's do.

One more thing...
Had a slew of "Anonymous" posters spamming my comments box lately. Could it be they wasted their money buying one of those software products that spams blogs? Yep, I've seen those advertised on the net. Too bad for them that I moderate my comments and don't allow spamming. HaHa!