Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is not yesterday

Glad to see you all had fun yesterday with the Brylcreem, the Beach Boys and the Walmart joke. Makes it hard for me to think of something to top it :))


One of my long time readers/friend had a Birthday on the 28th and didn't tell me until today!

Happy Birthday Manu!

Hope you had a Wonderful Day of celebration!!!
Here's to many many more :))))))


Received a note from the Admin of MyNetWealthTeam.

Good News: "
We are wrapping up our 2nd week of pre-launch, and the Net Wealth has been a huge success. Over 500 members have now joined!"

And their site is going to be down from 1:00 PM EST Sunday until Tues, Dec 2nd.



Was just checking my WorkFor3Dollars account and I see that one of my referrals has passed me up in recruiting! Good for you!!!
"neajim has 53 referrals"
As of today, I only have 49 :(
Well I passed up my sponsor so I guess it's only fair that one of my referrals pass me, right? Of course it is and Congrats to You!

Hey "neajim" ... maybe you could tell us all how you got all those referrals. Will post it here if you care to share :))


Appears as though the Admin of 12DailyClub is going to take full advantage of the 24-48 hour payout time. My first upgrade went to pending on 11/29 at 00:01 AM. Current server time is 11/30 5:00 PM PST.
Now I don't normally watch the clock like that, but this one is brand new and not too many got in before I did. So these first few days of payouts are critical to it's success.
I'll be back with good news soon ... I hope :))


"We Ain't Got Nothin Yet"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Banned From Wal-Mart

This one's for you Gord.

Plse see comments to understand!


I'll be back in a little while.
Need to get my act together first :)


Here's a giggle to hold you over.
Sent to me from Jess, my daughter in law.


This is why women should not take men shopping against their will.

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, my wife is like most women - - she loved to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Wal-Mart.

Dear Mrs. Morrison,

Over the past six months, your husband has been causing quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr. Morrison are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras.

1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they weren't looking.

2 . July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minute intervals.

3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women's restroom.

4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, 'Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away.'

5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&M's on layaway.

6. August 14: Moved a 'CAUTION - WET FLOOR' sign to a carpeted area.

7. August 15: Set up a tent in the camping department and told other shoppers he'd invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department.

8. August 23: When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, 'Why can't you people just leave me alone?'

9. September 4: Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.

10. September 10: While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.

11. October 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the 'Mission Impossible' theme.

12. October 6: In the auto department, he practiced his 'Madonna look'by using different sizes of funnels.

13. October 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled 'PICK ME! PICK ME!'

14. October 21: When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed 'OH NO! IT'S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!'

And last, but not least

15. October 23: Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here!'


This is lookin good now that I'm promoting the correct link. (lol) I think the Admin messed me up originally, but it seems to be working now. Not a big deal.

Am talking about MyNetWealthTeam
Like I said yesterday, without promoting, I made $15. So if you could get at least a few referrals of your own, you'll see what I mean. Should pay off nicely!


Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy.
It snowed last night and I don't know what to do with myself today.


LAST REMINDER: Joe at Surf2Sawa is doing the refunds now for those NOT in Profit. Please login and check your account. When you click on the Redeem button, you'll know what's going on. OK? ok.


Can't forget my Surfing at 12DailyClub. Am waiting patiently for a payout that Admin will make in 24-48 hours. If I get it today, I'll re-upgrade today and will start the process all over again. Will let you know ASAP :))

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey there ... I'm back :)

Although I'm not feeling very motivated or excited today. Not sure why. So below is a quick rundown of what's going on, and I'll see what I can do about getting that bounce back in my step.


Just completed my 12th day of surfing at 12DailyClub! Will let you know as soon as I receive my payment. Remember this is a brand new one so if you joined when I did ... Yippee to you too!


There are more excuses (I mean reasons) why Paul at FastProfitSurf isn't making payments. If you're a member, then you received his last email about AP and STP. I changed my profile a few days ago to StrictPay. I have 3 pending payouts now, so I'm not sure what in the heck is going on. But I do suggest you hold off spending any money there.


10DollarsWonder is cycling and doing great. What more can I say? :))


is still working for three dollars! If you're a good recruiter, they are doing a contest for that. Go see!


OK here's something of interest ...

When my friend joined MyNetWealthTeam one week ago, I followed in his footsteps and joined under him.
I did not join for all the 'stuff' that will be on the site later. I joined for the Matrix. Yes yes, I did it for the money, LOL.
And if you noticed, I did NOT promote it to you.
I wanted to see if the matrix would work for the passive person.

So a couple of days went by, and the only commission I received was from myself because after joining, you start filling your own matrix.

I let a few more days pass, then decided to check my account(s) again today, all 13 of them.
Am HAPPY to report that I've earned back exactly $15 (the same amt. that it cost me to join). So WITHOUT promoting, I am at par!

It was a fun test that worked out the way I hoped it would.
If you're interested, read all about it on the site.
It's a little flaky to get started (you get a lot of emails after joining). But if you've already paid your $15, then just wait for the Welcome Letter that gives you your account details, OK?


And just watched "50 First Dates" again ... gosh that's a great movie! See you all tomorrow.

It's just another day, right?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends and readers who celebrate this day!
Needless to say, I will be out today enjoying a wonderful dinner with my family. (Thank goodness someone else is doing the cooking this time, lol)
I do hope you have a great day and we'll catch up on other things tomorrow.
Gobble Gobble :))


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good News First :))

I need to start today with good news instead of bad. Hate starting the day with bad news, you know?

Received a payment from 10DollarsWonder early this AM.

Date: November, 25 2008 7:46:11 AM
Amount Sent: $146.00 USD
Sender Name:

Now that's good news!

And I verified that this IS in effect immediately:

The re-purchase will NOT lock in Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling.

So if you have some old Low's that you want set to High, you've got until Dec. 31st to do it ... but it must be via NEW purchase.

Starting Jan. 1st, New purchases will set the older Low's to Mediums.


As promised, got an Update from Joe at Surf2Sawa with regards to Pay Outs. If you are a member and did not receive it to your email, I just posted it in CIF and you can READ IT HERE.


While I was at CIF this morning, I noticed some 'not so good' posts about FastProfitSurf. Looks like the program is still taking money IN, but not too many people are being paid.
That is NOT a good sign!
You really should STOP your spends there!


Back to fun stuff:

I just happily surfed through 12+ sites over at 12DailyClub. Only a few more days till my first upgrade expires. Am getting anxious :))


WorkFor3Dollars just started a New Contest! You'll see all the details as soon as you log into your member area. I'm still doing well there and I see some of my referrals are kicking butt getting referrals of their own!

Total Downline Size: 224
Number of Sign Ups: 48

Big Congrats to You! and Good Luck in the Contest!


OK, one more thing before I go ...

Am still picking up bucks in The Private Millionaire program. Funny thing too, I keep forgetting to promote it. So the payments I'm getting are from my referrals doing the work. Thanks you guys!
And those of you who are already in it (or thinking about joining) ... remember this pays 2 levels deep, ok? So when your referral makes a sale, you get paid also!


That's enough work for today.
I need to take a trip to Never Never Land.
(thanks Randy for this song)
Have a good day :))

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Catch Up Day

Am going to make today my catch up day.
Or is that catsup?
Or ketchup?

Well, you understand :))


My withdrawal request is still in limbo (pending) over at FastProfitSurf ... but since I'm still receiving new referral commissions to my account, my only guess would be that not ALL of the folks who joined me are readers of my blog. So if you missed Yesterday's post, please hold off on new upgrades until further notice.


Just did my daily surfing over at 12DailyClub. All is running smooth there and I have 4 more days for my first upgrade to complete. Can't wait !!


Let's analyze what's going on over at 10DollarsWonder, shall we?
OK, this first part is awesome!!

News update 11/23/08 - Share your success; High-priority activation

Share your success
We have reached over 10 million times cycled and become one of the most reliable programs in the NET. Please visit our thread in the new Forum to share your success and excitement with others.

And this link to CIF is also included in your Congratulations emails when you receive a referral commission.
Thumbs Up Admin!

Lock in your Low-priority for "High-priority" cycling end on 12/31/08
After your account is set to lock in your positions for "High-priority" cycling, your new purchases and re-purchases will cycle in high priority. You can also Lock in your Low-priority for "High-priority" cycling by the following rules:
  • Every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling end on 12/31/08.

  • Every 1 new purchase will lock in 2 Low-priority positions for "medium-priority" cycling starts on 01/01/09. The medium-priority cycling positions will cycle at 50% speed of high-priority cycling.

  • The re-purchase will NOT lock in Low-priority positions for "High-priority" cycling.

  • That last part is kind of a bummer but I can understand why it needed to be modified. After all, it's not all about ME, lol
    And I will admit that I was in the habit of re-purchasing in order to change my old lows to highs. So it looks like I need a new "plan of attack" now. And that's OK.

    The system generated positions
    When you make a withdraw, the system will automatically re-purchase positions for you with the rest of your balance. For maintaing more consistant cycling,The direct sponsor commission will NOT be issued. These system generated positions will have "-SYS" code at the end of each position. These system generated positions will NOT lock in your Low-priority positions to High-priority positions for you.

    The first and last part of that paragraph are the same as before, right?
    The part in blue bold is new and an ouch for me personally. I really enjoyed getting the referral comm's on those SYS generated positions.

    And again, I understand why changes need to be made. Heck if this ran ANOTHER 2 years or more ... how can anyone not be happy? :))

    Last new part I noticed:

    10centclub will open shortly:
    We are resolving several issuses of transferring your e2epay account to 10centclub. A few of members messed up their e2epay accounts in 10dollarswonder and created more clean up work for us. Yes, the 10centclub will open shortly! Your account in e2epay will be transferred to 10centclub 100% as it is. Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw from your e2epay transfer account in 10dollarswonder.

    Yeah yeah yeah ... we're waiting patiently. (smile)


    One more 10DollarsWonder note late in the day:

    Open since: December 26, 2006 Total members now: 19469
    Total running days: 700

    How cool is that? 700 Days!!!


    Hey this is cool ... at you do NOT have to be a paid member to earn referral commissions from others. So those of you looking to make a buck but don't have a buck to spend, might find this helpful. Just sign up and promote it a little. I just made $15 :)


    While surfing or clicking, I can't help but notice it's that time of year for those "Christmas Cash Clubs" again. Unless you know who's running it personally, I have to say Be Careful. I tried 2 of them 2 years ago, and it was the quickest $100 I ever lost! So needless to say, Baby never did get that new pair or shoes.

    Remember, it's a jungle out there!

    Sunday, November 23, 2008

    A little slow or is it just me?

    Payments seem to be slower than usual in FastProfitSurf right now.
    I was expecting one today that didn't show up yet, so you might want to hold off making any new spends until I can get more info. Stay tuned!


    Lou dog just got here :)

    She's going to keep me company today while the 'kids' go to the Bronco's Football game.

    Maybe I'll send her outside and instruct her to be on "Hawk Watch" for me, lol

    That would be more fun (for me) than cleaning the slobber off the walls every time she shakes :))


    Yes there is a New Update at 10DollarsWonder!
    I'll need to digest it and post more tomorrow.

    Am a bit busy right now with a meat loaf, mashed potatoes, gravy ... well you get the idea. Not to mention keeping an eye on Lou.

    C'ya tomorrow :))


    Saturday, November 22, 2008

    Birds of a Feather ...

    Yeah, I'm referring to a real bird.

    Took this pic just awhile ago.
    I couldn't believe how huge this bird was!

    And what is it??
    It's not a crow, it's not an eagle, and I don't think it was an owl either.

    Wish I didn't use the zoom lens though. I could have had a clearer picture without it.
    But by the time I tried to take another one, he saw me and flew away. I swear he had a wingspan of at least 6 feet. Was just beautiful.


    Received my "completed 10 days - 140% ROI" from FastProfitSurf the last two days in a row, and of course I re-upgraded each time :) Yep, I'm that confident right now. I think it's early enough in the game to make a few bucks!


    I'll be back.
    Having a mental block.
    Should be promoting something I joined yesterday, but I'm not sure that I'm comfortable or understand it yet. So once I learn more, I might be back to show it to you, OK?


    My cup is Half Full at 12DailyClub which means I've completed my first 6 days of surfing. YaY!
    But it's kind of a bummer because I received a referral commission Payout today but I had already surfed. Dang :(
    That's OK. I'll go put it back in tomorrow.
    And as always, many thanks to my referrals!


    Friday, November 21, 2008


    Last Seen in the Houston TX area, drinking coffee, eating chocolates, and hanging out on the patio with his two accomplices (who are currently disguised as Siamese cat's).

    Anybody recognize this guy?

    NO? You need a clue?

    You got it!

    It's our very own Hermit Jim and Today is his Birthday!

    Now, since we all know how much Jim likes his Cartoons, let's see if he likes this one. I've been waiting to post it ALL YEAR LONG !!! (giggle)

    Definitely a Very Special Birthday Song for a Very Special Man!

    Happy Birthday Jim :))
    and many many many more !!!



    PS, I'll be back tomorrow, as feisty as ever :)
    Sweet dreams !

    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Thursday Reminders ...

    First and foremost, Tomorrow is Hermit Jim's Birthday, and it's a good one! So be sure to drop by his place tomorrow and wish him well :)) Let's see if we can fill up his comments box. hehehe


    Just a reminder today is the last day before the weekend if you plan to withdrawal from 10DollarsWonder. Else forever hold your peace! Or at least until Monday.


    FastProfitSurf is definitely my favorite 'surf site' right now. It pays out like clockwork after your upgrade expires. Am expecting another payout tonight so will post about it tomorrow.
    Oh and it's not too late to join if you haven't yet. I expect this one to go into the New Year or much longer.

    Just read this note over at js's 9planetreviews site:

    Yesterday morning I upgraded at FastProfitSurf by another five hundred and now am getting $150 ROI per day. Not too shabby! And am sure my sponsor blondie is happy too!"

    I wondered where all that money came from! Guess we know a good thing when we see it eh? Thanks a bunch John :))


    My other surf site, 12DailyClub has taken off pretty darn good. I believe payouts will be made within 48 hours of your upgrade expiring. Today is only my 4th day surfing so will keep you informed how it's going, ok? So far, so good and very safe from what I've heard.
    PS, just bought another AdPack before surfing today.


    It's cold here this morning with freezing rain. Brrrrrr! Needless to say the Cat's didn't stay outside too long. But my Cash Cow's are still wandering around out there. Too bad I can't invite them in to get warm. What would the neighbors think? Ahhhh, who cares.


    And Oops, gotta remember to continue surfing over at Surf2Sawa until further notification. Hope to get a bit more money out of that when Joe gets it all figured out ... starting next week sometime. Right?


    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Early Bird Today

    Yes I always keep my promises. This is from yesterday:

    I'll post this today and then again tomorrow (since it's late).

    Looked for 9planetreview's blog earlier and couldn't find it. Nor could I get a hold of John by email so ... I finally reached him and he asked me to tell you all the following:

    "Judy, can you mention in your blog that a) am on the road tomorrow, no updates and b) by Thursday my new address will have resolved. I had to move hosting companies due to poor support at my main one. Thanks much!"

    So there you have it ... har!"


    As of Tuesday night, 11-18 I have received ANOTHER 13 emails from WorkFor3Dollars telling me I've got more downline! How cool is that??
    Plus I received an Alert Pay payment from them yesterday as well.

    Date: November, 18 2008 6:32:19 PM
    Amount Sent: $12.74 USD
    Sender Name: RefBackSystem
    Sender Email:
    Message: WorkFor3Dollars Commission blondie - Don't forget to spread the word about WF3D!

    Yes I know it's not much, but remember this is only $3 bucks to get started. Works for me :))


    Got PAID right on time from FastProfitSurf while I slept. It was referral comm's this time, so THANKS you Guys very much! I appreciate you all :))
    Personally, I am "just lovin it" ... more than McDonalds! ha!

    Oh and here's a very interesting note:

    Q: Maybe somebody knows:
    in order to get the 150% (145%+bonus) do we have to upgrade $501+ in one sum or does it count if we have several upgrades totalling more than $500 ?

    A: Yes, once you have a total of more than $501, you are a "platinum" member. And once you make another upgrade, regardless if it less than $501, it will be %150.

    Q: So if someone put in $500 not realizing about the higher %, they can make a new purchase for $10 and then the old 500 one will start receiving a little more each day??

    A: Yup that is absolutely right blondie. Its the total deposits not any one single deposit.

    WhooHooo is all I can say!


    And a reminder of the NEW Surf Site, 12DailyClub. It's only been open a couple of days and things are lookin really good from where I sit, (and I've got a pretty good seat :)
    It's a 12% x 12days surf, but for purchases $700 or more, it's then a 12.5% ROI daily. Not bad eh?


    I just opened the door to let the sun in and it just about blinded me!! Dang that's bright first thing in the morning! Makes me feel like a mole, hahaha


    Well lookie there!

    Could that be "Cash Cows" in my yard? (hehe Austin)

    Austin and I were just chatting about cash cows yesterday, so I couldn't resist taking the pic when I saw these cute 'little' gals out there.


    Done checking on 10DollarsWonder and it's still doing wonderful! My cycling averages 6 out of 7 days. And every time I purchase, re-purchase or withdrawal ... my account grows! It's Awesome!!


    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    I don't wanna ... but I have to :(

    Am out of some essentials around the house, so off to the grocery store I go today. NOT my favorite thing to do. Seems every time I have to use "the buggy", I can't leave there without spending $200. That is really sad :( I recall my Mom (back in the day) had a $35 a week grocery budget ... and that fed our family of four! Sheesh!


    NEW re FastProfitSurf:

    After many requests from members i've decided to add STP as payment option too. So now it's available and you can use it too for upgrades. Please enjoy it!!
    Also don't forget that this weekend we'll launch another contest so standby to find out about it :)
    Thank you all for your great support and appreciation.

    Received my payout from FastProfitSurf last night while I was snoring.
    You know, I am really impressed with this program and how well the Admin is taking care of business. I wish this would be "the one" that lasts forever ... but we know nothing does. So I'll just continue to have fun here and am about to put my payout right back in for another 10 days!!


    After upgrading yesterday over at 12DailyClub, my surfing sure went by fast! My old computer is not fast so maybe it's because it's a new program and there's not that many members there at the same time yet? I dunno, do you?
    Here's a good thing I just read in the FAQ's:

    11. Will I earn if I missed a day of surfing?
    No you will not earn for that particular day but your advertising upgrade will be extended with another day so you will still earn 144% rebate (150% for GOLD members) and you will need to surf one day more.

    And like I said yesterday, I'm new here so will share these little tidbits with you as they excite me, ok? haha


    Hey I just looked outside. There's a rope hanging from my tree in the front yard. I wonder who put it there and what it could mean? a-oh


    I'll post this today and then again tomorrow (since it's late).

    Looked for 9planetreview's blog earlier and couldn't find it. Nor could I get a hold of John by email so ... I finally reached him and he asked me to tell you all the following:

    "Judy, can you mention in your blog that a) am on the road tomorrow, no updates and b) by Thursday my new address will have resolved. I had to move hosting companies due to poor support at my main one. Thanks much!"

    So there you have it ... har!


    Speaking of "Takin Care of Business", I gotta run.
    There's a great line in this song though ...

    "If you ever get annoyed, look at me I'm self employed.
    I love to work at nothin all day!"

    Have a good one!

    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Highlights of the Day

    Today is Hermit Jim's One Year Blog Anniversary!!!

    I personally have been enjoying "Coffee with the Hermit" for almost the entire time. So a Big Congrats to You Jim and Thanks for sharing all that informative and fun stuff with us all year long!!! Here's to many more years of happy 'blogging' with your friends :))


    On the business side ...

    Am looking at another Surf Site to spend my "play money" on. Will come back and let you know about it when I get more details.

    *** OK am back and got all the details I needed in order to get this started. I heard through my "reliable and trusted grapevine" that this is a very 'safe' site to join and the best part is, it's just started! So I am only member number 310. I like being at the start of these programs, don't you?

    So anyway I just added the new 12DailyClub banner here on the right side. In a nutshell it's an AutoSurf that rewards you with:

    - 12% Daily by 12 Days - 144% ROI (up to $700)
    - $700 & over pays 12.5% daily (150% ROI)
    - Surf 12 sites daily - (Auto-surfing, just 1 click needed :)
    - Min. $7 - Max $7000 (does not have to be in increments of 7, ok?)
    - Accepts AlertPay, StrictPay and Liberty Reserve
    - Pays 7% ref comm on initial purchase and 3% on their subsequent purchases

    I'll tackle the rest of the details later when I have more time. Check it out if you like. I've just joined today and made my first purchase.
    OK then ... have fun!

    PS ... I see Austin has just notified all his DeepCycler members about this program also. Feels like a good thing ... Yes it does :))


    Fast Profit Surf
    is doing great! I received another payment from them this morning and after todays surf, one of my 10 day upgrades will complete, which means I'll get another payment tomorrow early AM.

    OK that reminds me ... have you guys been posting your success with FPS in any forums? You know, it's a really good way to show others how well it's working for you and also helps the program grow.
    I do post in CIF and MMG every time I receive a payment and I hope you might consider doing the same :) Thanks!


    After I wrote about this on Friday, I've received 28 more emails telling me "My Team is Working" and that I've got new referrals in my (our) downline!
    You guys are really doing great in WorkFor3Dollars !!! Congrats to all of you!
    My personal stats are:
    Total Downline Size: 211
    Number of Sign Ups: 47
    Remember this one is not expensive, only 3 bucks and the spillover works!


    Still waiting for 10DollarsWonder to give us that new update and change the "Congrats" emails we receive. (I've hinted about this before, remember?) But you all know how the Admin is ... a few days could mean a few weeks or more, hahaha.
    That's OK ... I'm still cycling on All of my High Priority positions daily (or real dam close to daily). Guess I shouldn't be too picky eh?


    Was doing the dishes last night, looked out the window and decided to grab the camera. How cool is that?

    "Michigan seems like a dream to me now..... "

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    No More Butt Pinching!

    You heard me!

    No more butt pinching on me!

    My old vinyl seat (toilet not mine) dried out and cracked from the dry Colorado weather. They tend to do that over time and can really pinch the cheekies if you're not careful.

    So I went out yesterday and got a brand new soft seat! I like them a lot better than the COLD hard ones which can be a real "wake up call" at 6 AM if you're not totally prepared for it.

    Oh and did I mention, it was 15 degrees F when I woke up. Yikes!!!


    Talked to two referrals about this yesterday ...

    Q: What if I miss a day of surfing in FastProfitSurf? Will I lose my earnings for that day?

    Paul said that if anyone doesn't surf for a day then the script will automatically extend the time frame for a day. So yes, everyone gets the full ROI.

    Thanks Austin for confirming that via the CIF forum.


    Friday, November 14, 2008

    Yes It Snowed!!!

    Woke to a nice snow blizzard this morning. It's going to be warm enough today to melt it but it sure was fun to see the grass, rooftops and cars all covered in white fluff.
    I'm watching the squirrel right now load up, then bury the nuts I left him yesterday. He knows how to survive this winter ... as long as he can avoid my cats, he'll be just fine.


    Since I haven't mentioned WorkFor3Dollars in a while, thought I would today since I received 11 emails in the last 2 days telling me my referrals are kickin butt getting new referrals! (well, not in those exact words but you get the idea :)
    You guys rock! Keep up the good work!!
    That spillover is a nice touch too, isn't it?
    And for $3.40, how can you afford not to promote and sell the idea?


    Just finished my surfing over at FastProfitSurf for today. I have 3 more days before one of my three ad packs expires.
    Remember these are paid automatically (like magic) once your 10 days are up, which goes by pretty fast, ya know?

    And with the news about the "other" big surf program being a scam (which I knew all along), I would hope to see a lot of new players over at FPS now.


    Read in another blog, someone mentioned that they keep forgetting to post about 10DollarsWonder (shame on you). And I gotta agree with him, he doesn't post often enough :P
    10dw is coming up on a 2 yr anniversary on December 26th. How many other program owners can say that? Not many I would guess. Not with a program of this nature anyway.
    Thanks Chung for doing a "wonder"ful job! Also looking forward to your next Update which I hope to see soon! :))


    Too Much Junk!!!
    There is way too much junk out there. I've been clicking on Ad's from an Advertising Site and can clearly see that there are WAY TOO MANY programs all claiming to be 'Hot Hot Hot' OR 'In Prelaunch - get in NOW before the masses' OR from folks claiming to have made thousands of dollars in their first 5 minutes after joining! hahaha

    Please you guys, don't fall for that crap. Yes crap!
    Been there, done that, learned from my mistakes.
    That's why I'm here now, doing what I do.
    Reporting on how I'm making money and trying to steer you away from programs where you may lose yours. OK? ok


    Have a Happy Happy Friday !!!

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Full Moon

    Today says Full Moon on my calendar.
    Not sure if it happened last night or tonight. Either way, I love full moon's! I tried to take a pic of it this morning as it set behind the mountains, but there were too many clouds that blocked me. Oh well, maybe tomorrow :)

    Oh and it's called a Full Beaver Moon. (no laughing)
    Just received from The Hermit ...

    Go outside and see the Full Beaver Moon tonight! This full Moon is a sign of freezing weather to come. For Algonquin tribes, it was a time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.

    So after reading that, I promptly replaced the Screen in my door with the Glass.
    Thanks Jim. You're such a wealth of knowledge!


    Hey I made a buck (yes a buck :) from 9planetreviews Ad Exchange!
    I have a few referrals now AND it looks like poor js has got his hands full based on the amount of Ad's I'm clicking on daily. Keep up the good work js, har!


    Speaking of making a buck, I bought another Ad Pack in FastProfitSurf yesterday. So now I have three running and they're all for a nice chunk of change. I expect to see FPS go into the new year, if not longer. Am really confident here right now and I hope you are too.

    HOLY COW!!! Just requested a payout from FPS and received it in 1 minute!!! Wow, must have caught Paul at his desk working. Gotta Love It !!!

    Date: November, 13 2008 11:06:54 AM
    Amount Sent: $39.50 USD
    Sender Name: FastProfitSurf


    Heard some 'not so good' news about another 'very popular' surf site out there, which makes me glad that I'm NOT a paying member. So always beware of red flags when they rear their ugly heads. That's all I can say.

    OK, one more clue ... they've been around 3 months and have 25K members? Yeah right. I know how Admins pad those numbers. They're not fooling me :))


    Did my daily check on my 10DollarsWonder account and decided to put in for another withdrawal. I bought 2 new with AP last week. Plus I'll do some re-purchases over the weekend. So I'm doing a little bit of everything there and it sure is helping to fill my money sock! Rock On 10dw!!!


    Today just keeps getting better.
    A few days ago I received $15 in my PayPal and didn't know what it was for. I considered refunding it thinking someone sent it to the wrong person. So I wrote to the guy (Peter) who sent the payment and asked him WHY?

    He just replied to me and said it was for Referral Commissions in either or How cool is that??

    So as soon as I get my password reset (duh), I'll see if they have a banner that I can add here. Might be worth it in the long run eh?


    Surf2Sawa Members ... Yes! You need to keep surfing daily until we get another update from Joe. OK? ok :))

    Received late Thursday night from Joe:


    Just want to keep everyone in the loop on where things are and the progress of Surf2Sawa.

    So far all investments are on track and doing well. We do not see any reason to be off from our target dates.

    1) Please remember that if you have not reached your cap or the 25 days you should still be surfing.
    2) Pending cashouts that were made between decision and when cashouts were disabled have been removed and upgrade now active.
    3) Accounts May NOT show total active upgrades on members index.
    4) On or about November 25th I will open cash outs again at which time you will see all upgrades in the system that have not been cashed out.
    5) Please hold off on e-mails asking when to expect payout as I have explained here.

    As always if anyone has questions that I have not covered please contact me either by mail or yahoo



    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    What? No Post??

    Busy day here today.
    I'll be back tomorrow with some updates.
    Have a great day!


    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    I'm really sleepy today ...

    and I'm not very talkative when I'm sleepy.

    Maybe it's the weather.
    It's cloudy and cold, but no snow yet :(

    Snow always cheers me up the first time I see it.
    It reminds me of when I was a kid seeing the first snowfall of the year. You know, that adrenalin rush you got at first glimpse out the window? Along with the hopes that it'll snow enough to close down the Schools!

    I'll have to check the weather channel to see what's coming.


    I did receive another automatic payment from FastProfitSurf last night, so I'm off to re-upgrade right now. Yes I have more than one running with confidence :)
    Also my sponsor assures me it's still "kicking ass", lol


    WARNING !!!

    Just received an email claiming to be from the IRS wanting to give me some money! hahaha, yeah right. I don't think so!!!
    Always beware of phishing emails and scammers!

    The IRS does NOT contact you through email !!!
    Do NOT click on any links in the email you receive.

    For info. on how to report it, go to their site at and click on the phishing and email scams report. I just did and hope the jerks get caught!


    Watched the movie "Donnie Darko" today. Quite a strange flick and I did enjoy it. I saw it first a few years ago, so when I noticed it on the movie channel, decided today would be a good day to see it again. "Mad World" is the name of the song, done by Gary Jules. Have a good night :)


    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Monday mornin feels so bad ...

    Everybody seems to naaaaag me
    Comin' Tuesday I'll feel better
    Even my old man looks good ...

    hahahahaha (sry js, I couldn't resist)

    (see the song below to understand my 'lyrics')


    Hi there,

    There was a problem yesterday with the FastProfitSurf upgrades not showing. If you had that problem, send in a support ticket and Paul will take care of it pronto.

    As for myself, I received 2 more payments last night. One for a completed package and another for referral commissions. Thanks you guys!!!
    So off I go to re-upgrade :))


    Don't forget if you have ad packages in Surf2Sawa, you need to keep surfing until he starts the payback process ... which should be around the 25th.


    I heard there will be an update in 10DollarsWonder soon which should include a word or two about the CIF Forum
    . Very very cool !!
    Keep an eye on your member area for the update and your Congratulations emails :)) (oops, I hope I didn't spill the beans too soon .. my bad)

    This music is 41 years old, (older than some of you) and it still rocks! Gotta love those 45's and the Mono (not stereo) and the old Aussie groups.

    So this song is dedicated to all of you out there at your Monday morning JOB, and have ... "Friday On My Mind" :))

    Sunday, November 9, 2008

    Groovin ...

    Hey this is cool ...

    Total members now: 19001
    9,755,318 times cycled in 351 days
    Total running days: 684

    (and I know for a fact that those numbers are NOT padded!)

    Yes I'm showing you 10DollarsWonder stats.
    Hopefully you're already a member and earning along side of me. If not, why not? No sponsoring necessary, but if you can market a little, the referral commissions pay 10%! I've made quite a few bucks here for the last 684 days and so can you :)


    Saturday, November 8, 2008

    One Fly Left

    I have one fly left in the house. Been trying to get him all morning but I guess he's too smart for me, since he's still here irritating me.

    And this is funny ... just had some young muscular looking dude try to chat with me in IM. Grossed me out! Besides, I'm sure he just wanted to send me a virus or thought I would pay for s*xy pics or something? Who knows?? Either way, he's blocked. :P


    I am so impressed with FastProfitSurf!! Another 10 days has passed (since my 2nd purchase) and like magic, I received my 140% payment last night while I slept. YaY!!

    Speaking of magic, I found $100 that I didn't realize I had, so into FPS it went!

    Remember guys, this is high profit / high risk surf site. Don't bet the farm or don't spend your milk money. But if you have 'extra' ... it's still really new and growing really fast. So, I put my money where my mouth is, OK?


    Of course 10DollarsWonder is still wonder-ful and I am cycling all of my "high"" positions very regular. I noticed sometimes over the weekend the timing is 'off' just a little on the cycling. But hey, I'm sure Admin's got other things to do.

    Just a reminder for New folks ... if you Join and don't receive your "Activation Email", not to worry. Go ahead and Login with the same Username and Password that you just created. It should work fine :)


    I made a promise last night that I need to keep, so........

    See my picture here on the right for 9planetreviews Ad Exchange?
    OK, John told me that I can offer YOU a Lifetime Upgrade to Pro, for FREE!
    Use coupon code: specialupgrade

    So what you do is: sign up free, then sign in, then go to Advertisers link, and enter that code. You will get 10 banners, 10 solo ads and more.

    So there you have it :)) Can't beat FREE eh?
    Thank you js :)

    Friday, November 7, 2008

    Happy Aloha Friday :))

    Even though I don't live in Hawaii, I thought this was a cute picture for a 'get away' moment.

    Close your eyes. Can you hear the waves?

    It's Friday !!!


    Those who asked about the new puppy yesterday, (who's name will be Jake or Max) ... this is a Newborn Picture.

    He won't be ready to go home until the end of December. Yes he's a Boxer, so his looks will change quite a bit in the coming weeks and months. I'll keep you as updated as I can. Cool?


    If you're a member of Surf2Sawa, then you received Joe's update. I personally think he's handling this real well and it's just too bad that there wasn't enough interest to keep it going longer.
    Here's a partial of what he sent to members:

    So just to recap what is been said, and as sad as it is. I will be stopping new upgrades, capping all earnings to 125% reinvesting all my current funds to be sure to be able to pay by the end of November into December. Members not at 125% will continue to surf till they reach 125%, also members who wish to just emerge with their capital only will be paid off first, and can e-mail me directly
    As well i am on yahoo joecoolpanda for anyone who wish to chat.

    Well Joe, am sorry to see your program end and we all know you gave it your best shot. Congrats to You for an honorable exit strategy.


    Requested yesterday morning and received yesterday afternoon ...

    Date: November, 06 2008 2:14:32 PM
    Amount Sent: $98.00 USD
    Sender Name:

    I know, it's not big bucks but remember we can only request 40% of our balance every week for the next 6 months. Down to 5 months now, right?
    Anyway, it'll pay my heating bill this month. And that's just a one week payment.
    You with me?
    I see my cup as half full :)


    Thinking of those waves above, off to do my surfing at FastProfitSurf. Been reading in the forums only good things about them. And I think I'm getting close to another completed position. Yep, today is day 10 for surfing on my second position bought. So my 140% will be in my Alert Pay when I wake tomorrow. How cool is that?

    And I just got word that Paul is having another contest. Here it is:

    We're launching today a new contest. Any of you can participate in this contest, including free members. It will be for the best article wrote about FPS. You may think that this is a contest for bloggers but it's not. Any of you can write a good article about FPS. The first 3 places will be awarded like this:
    1 - 700$, 2- 200$ and 3 -100$ in cash paid directly to winners accounts.
    So please write the best article about FPS and send it to me either on contact form or to Contest will last for a week, so will end on 14th november. The best article will be published on all major blogs and forums where we can put it. I hope you'll enjoy this contest as well! So go ahead and start writing :)




    This is a great song!
    It brings back wonderful feelings from when times were easier. Do you know what I mean?

    Hang on to your hopes, my friend.
    That's an easy thing to say,
    But if your hopes should pass away,
    then simply pretend ...
    that you can build them again."

    Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Meet My New Grandson

    Isn't he adorable? And he's smart too!
    He already sent me an email ...

    Hi grandmapotimus!
    Can't wait to meet you! See you around Christmas!
    All my love,
    Puppy #2

    I'm sure Lou dog will just love her new little brother.
    His name will either be Jake or Maxasaurus.
    I vote for Jake. How about you??


    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    I don't normally talk Politics or Religion but ...

    I watched a good episode of Boston Legal on TV Monday night. Along with their regular court cases and humor, the program was also centered around the Presidential Election here in the U.S.A.

    The show ended with the words (as I recall)..."a New America".
    I enjoyed hearing those words and the positive thoughts behind them. Our new President has some big shoes to fill, and I just hope and pray that things will be better than they have been.


    Hey!!! I think today is my good friend Randy's birthday. (I hope I jotted that down right.) I've been friends with Randy here on the net for a long long time. He lives in Arkansas and is recently retired from Teaching School. So ...

    Happy Birthday Randy!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and can maybe squeeze in a round of Golf! hehe


    Was just playing around in my 10DollarsWonder account and decided to make 2 new purchases to help those low's turn into high's. It's been cycling great and I have no reason to believe that it won't continue like it has been. Will request a payout later today (or tomorrow) also. It's a new month and those pesky credit card bills keep showing up in my mailbox.


    It rained here last night, so the cool morning air is fresh and clean. Nice way to start the day, you know?


    Also received my payout from Surf2Sawa while I slept. It's not huge but I did Double My Money so I sure can't complain about that :)) Thanks Joe for the fast payment and the honest program!


    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Brain Food or Dog Biscuits?

    I feel like I need brain food today. Or a stiff drink, or maybe a dog biscuit.
    After spending 4 days with Lou dog, feeling a little non human.

    OK, where's the Milk-Bone's?


    As mentioned yesterday, I decided to make today my pay day.

    So I requested and received payment from Deep Cycler ...
    Date: November, 04 2008 11:17:03 AM
    Amount Sent: $28.96 USD
    Sender Name: Deepcycler

    Then asked for my referral commissions from FastProfitSurf (thanks you guys :) ...
    Date: November, 04 2008 11:54:52 AM
    Amount Sent: $20.75 USD
    Sender Name: FastProfitSurf

    Then I requested my first unit payout from Surf2Sawa since it has now doubled!
    OK. so it takes 40 days to double your money. No big deal waiting because I know the guy is honest and isn't going to 'run with the money' :)

    And I realize this is not a lot of money I'm showing you here. But every dollar means something different to each of us.

    Speaking of honest (or dishonest) Admins ...
    Why would the Admin of MegaLido NOT be using his real name??
    There is some interesting info about that in the CIF forum that you might want to read ... especially if you're playing there.
    I personally did not verify what was said in the thread, so don't shoot me if it's wrong.


    Monday, November 3, 2008

    How To Keep Your Butt Warm At Night

    Looks like Buddy and Louis figured it out :))


    Did you remember to change your clocks back yesterday?
    Daylight Savings Time has gone bye bye and we go back to regular / normal time. That summer change just about kills me anyway, so I am glad it's done.


    It occurred to me yesterday that I'm making good money in a few programs now but have not sent an ALERT out for quite some time. Guess I need to get on the ball and realize that everyone on my list does not check my blog every day.


    Too bad that FastProfitSurf got caught in the middle of this. I can't log into their site yet today but will keep checking.
    Note from the Admin:

    Our hosting server was under a major ddos attack but now it's ok. However, the changes that the host has been doing takes time to be propagated all over so please just be patient and everything will be ok soon.


    And it appears that Deep Cycler is having the same problem. Austin is working on it now and says "it's a doozie" lol

    UPDATE: Both sites are back! YaY!!
    At least they are here at my place.
    If they're not up for you, just try again later.

    I'll try my best to update more tomorrow.
    Today is just too busy around the home front, but Lou dog gets picked up tonight, so tomorrow I'll be a free woman again!


    OK, why does this bug me so much???

    I AM NOT a member of MegaLido, yet the Admin somehow got my 'personal' (not blog) email address to spam me? Where did he get that from? hmmm

    Date: 11/2/2008 2:47:48 A.M. Mountain Standard Time

    blah blah and more blah

    Mike Micheal
    NOTE: This is not a spam, its a paid ad from

    Sorry Mike but it sure looks like SPAM to me.
    The End :))


    Saturday, November 1, 2008

    November 1st Already?

    Time flies when you're having fun eh? lol

    If you haven't been to the Hermit's yet, you should go see his video today. Cute little bandit in there. Thanks Jim! Now I know where those socks went :)


    Just signed up for js's 9planetreviews Ad Exchange site. I'm too late to get the free upgrade to Pro... but that's OK. I think I can scrape up a buck a month.
    Nice site you got there johnski. And it's taking off good. Almost 100 members already!


    As told, I did receive my 140% payout from FastProfitSurf last night while I slept! I've now completed my first 10 days of my first package bought. Whoo Hooo! And I have 2 more in the system already. Will probably make that 3 today. I got a real good feeling about this one. Let's hope I'm right :))


    Been awake since 4:20 AM, thanks to Lou dog having to go potty. So if I get punchy later ... tuff. You probably deserve it anyway. hehehe
    You know I'm kidding, right?


    For the first time in 11 days, I decided to check on my DRW, E-TradeXchange and ETXads accounts. Am sorry to report that ... (how do I put this nicely?) ... they seem to be toast.
    If you're using them strictly for Advertising and don't mind paying $5 or $10 bucks for that, cool. If you're using them to make a profit share (without referrals) ... don't bother.
    I've earned a Total of $.19 cents from the three mentioned in 11 days.
    You get the picture?
    Thinking I should remove them from my side bar.
    What to you think?