Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Trusted Business Venture is Back

ATBVenture Update: What a week...

"I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and didn't over do the chocolate! :D

The last week has been very stressful behind the scenes. A lot of work I had intended to do was put off while more important issues were dealt with. A day after pre-launch I had an email informing me someone had tried to access the admin control but failed. This began a cat and mouse game for several days trying to keep this 'person' out of the site. Finally, and with great help from my hosting this was resolved. I should emphasize that at no time was our server accessed.

Then out of the blue, a day after the security issue was fixed, the script developer contacts me questioning the legality of the license. Now this being with the site has not been moved, the domain unchanged and the license untouched, to say I was confused and rather unhappy is an understatement. I then supplied all that they asked for and have heard nothing more in 2 days now. I can only assume that this too is now resolved.

All this up and down time then seemed to mess up the auto taking off of subscriptions due but again with the help of my hosting that too has now been fixed.

I understand that this might be worrying for some of you to read. Issues like this can scare away members but it is important to me to always keep you informed, good or bad in how the site is doing.

Now on to some good news. I have decided to move the launch to Monday to allow everyone an extra few days to promote. I have also put aside some money to help attract new members during pre-launch. From midnight tonight (server time) till midnight Sunday night, 2 new paid members per day will get a free position in the matrix. They will be picked randomly the following day. The top 2 sponsors during this period will also receive a free position.

I really hope this is the end of all the hiccups and thank you all for your patience during this bumpy start.


And here's a little follow-up note from Amanda:
"A little stat that might help promoting: in just over a week 32 out of 47 paid members have now cycled at least once."
Good to hear especially since the sites been down quite a bit.

Speaking of sites being down...
Sure would like to see Twentyby20 come back tomorrow and am crossing my fingers that it will.
AND I think it will. Yep. Check tomorrow :))

Tueps is doing just fine. Earning daily and cashing out weekly. Of course am always purchasing more too. Gotta keep the kitty fed :)

ACX... makes me want to scream. But I won't.
They keep announcing Click Draw winners but are not paying them. Well, they're not paying me and I won on April 4th.
Added a new message to my ticket last night but we all know they're slower than molasses to do their work and answer.
Good Grief ACX... Put your money where your mouth is and pay your winners already!!

I can name that tune in 6 notes, LOL 

Seriously... heard the first 6 notes of this song in a commercial the other day and had to go lay down to think of the name of the song (cause laying down helps my brain work).
It came to me before too long and looking it up on Wikipedia, was not surprised to read that the lyrics of the song were too risque for 1972 and it was banned on several stations.
Wow! How times have changed eh?

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