Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Day of April

Dang, that means my rent is due tomorrow :(

Good Afternoon

Twentyby30: requested my first payout from the new plan this morning and it was Paid already! Thanks Ryan.
Now I need to calc 40% of that for my next new purchase before I request another withdraw.

Oil Rig: my current spend expired so I threw it back in for another round.

Tueps: also requested a payout which should arrive in a few days. Once received I will be making a new spend there too.

ATBVenture: these emails are always welcome:
Congratulations Blondie,
You just completed Phase 1 matrix on and earned $5.00.
A Trusted Business Venture

My-OPI: still no movement in my profit share or matrix earnings.

ACX: received the 2nd half of my Click Draw winnings to my wallet today. Now, I don't know if I should spend it immediately or wait to see if we have another profit shift first.
I think I'll wait on that.

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