Thursday, April 24, 2014

Today we have Twentyby30... what?

Twentyby30 was announced today.
Replacing the old 'Twentyby20', this new plan could go a long way.

- If you were a 20x20 member, you can log in using the same user name and password.
- Then go to: Account Overview - Click here to claim your old (before 04/07/2014) STP positions.
- Old 20x20 members are able to redeem their previous STP positions based on a 'buy 1 get 1 free' method, **up to 5 daily.
** getting clarification on the requirements now.
Each new purchase from STP can claim one of your old position. The claimed positions will start cycling 20 days after claimed. The claimed positions will earn up to 100% only.

- Positions cost $5 each via STP.
- Earnings are 5% M-F for 20 cycles (giving back 100%).
- Then 10 earning days later you get the remaining 50% which is all profit.
- Now in order to stay at 150% ROI, there is a new re-purchase rule of 40% of what you withdraw. If you choose not to repurchase, your total ROI will only be 120%.

Of course there is more detail that can be found on the homepage.

Today I bought 5 new positions and once I start withdrawing, I will go with the 40% rule in order to earn the extra. It's actually a good plan to help this last as long as possible.

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