Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Sunday

Sat down to write but unfortunately there's not much to write about. Two of my current programs are "on hold" and one doesn't cycle during the weekend.

My-OPI is planning the launch of their 'partnership program' tomorrow night my time. So I'll look for more info on that tomorrow.

ACX: been 9 days since I was announced as a Click Draw Winner but have yet to receive their 'Congrats' email about it. Finally submitted a support ticket today asking what's going on since I can't receive anything until I respond to their email notification... catch-22.

So you see what I mean? Not much to say today.

Had a beautiful day here yesterday, was 70 degrees and sunny. But today is only 30 and snowing. So I'm off to visit the family for an early Easter dinner since they'll be gone to California next weekend.

Hope you have a happy Sunday :)

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