Saturday, April 19, 2014


Quick note before I run to the store.
Why do I always forget something and have to go back the next day?

ATBV is back :) 
Dear Blondie,

Sorry you were left without a site or a pre-warning yesterday but there was a very serious security issue happening that needed taking care of immediately.  It seems that even though we have barely started we have gained some jealous person's attention.

The site is back up now and even though your logins are fully encrypted and safe, I would suggest you change them or request them to be reset by the system.   You can never be too careful nowadays.


Tueps: we cycled last night and will again starting Monday. Being 129 days running... that's got to be some kind of record :)

Twentyby20: should be back on Monday also.

My-OPI: someone asked me today if I were going to play in their new Wealth Builder program. No, I am not and I wrote about it here last Monday.

ACX: still no word from support (or Carl) about my ClickDraw winnings. Why would they even continue this 'game' if they can't or won't pay what we win?
Anyway, my ticket was 'escalated' to another dept. yesterday so let's see how long they take to answer this time.

You know, every day there are new programs opening and every day I check out one or two. Of course I miss a good one now and then but for the most part, all I see is the same thing over and over and over.
There are a lot of new Admin's out there and we don't know what their real intentions are. Maybe I'm just being overly cautious but I don't like losing money and I don't want you to either.

To those of you who are new to these types of programs, don't be blindsided by what you hear or read. Always play smart and ask questions if you don't understand how these programs work.

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