Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Short and To The Point

A friend just asked me if I was OK.
Yeah why?
You haven't posted in your blog for days!
Oops, could have swore I posted since Saturday, but maybe not. I know I thought about it a lot, but it looks like I never did anything, lol

I have some good news today... sort of.
ACX finally paid half of my Click Draw winnings to my STP account. But they didn't add the other half to my wallet yet. So another reply to their support ticket was needed :(

Twentyby30: trying to find out exactly how that 40% repurchase is going to work. Will let you know.

Oil Rig Contractors is doing good. I made a new spend this morning and will cash out my older one this afternoon.

TUEPS: another fun week of cycling 2% M-F :)

ATBVenture: I did pay my weekly $5 subscription yesterday but not seeing any movement as of now. Will be watching as others pay theirs during the week.

Did I forget anything?
Well... anything important that is, lol

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