Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Bunny Came Early

Tueps: purchased a few more positions today and cycling will start up again tonight for the week. Also requested a cash out while I was there :)

ATBVenture: update sent yesterday while I was out playing Easter Bunny:
"Hi guys, 
I hope to have the site back up around 5pm EST/9pm GMT tomorrow.  I will have the sign up page closed for 24 hours to allow the current users to check over their accounts and get used to the new plan.

Then on Tuesday at the same time pre-launch will start, it will last till Thursday 24th.  It is a little longer than I had planned but with Easter next weekend it is only fair to allow some time off for family time.

I have tried to be as fair as possible with this restart but if you feel there is an error in your account then please send a support ticket.

* After lurking in their skype chat group and chatting with Amanda one-on-one a little bit... I'm really happy with the direction this is taking.
Will be open for New Sign-Ups tomorrow by the way.

My-OPI: have you read their Admin updates?
In a few hours we'll be able to see exactly what their 'partnership' program is and make a decision whether or not to join. It is $20 per month so I'll be reading it carefully once it's available.

* OK I read it and decided I'm not going to do it.
If you're a passive player (no referrals), be sure to read what's in #3 in their notes: 
 (Just remember that you need 2 personal referrals for each new account that you set up).

ACX: still no reply to my support ticket asking where in the heck are my click draw winnings?!?

Happy Early Easter!


Randy V said...

Hey Judy!

I have been without a computer for the past couple of weeks. I am trying to catch up. Anything happening that I should know.

Love the picture! I know she is excited about Easter. My daughter-in-law Stephanie has a photography business and they bought a rabbit to help with Easter pictures! That makes things exciting!!!

Hope you are doing great! Talk to you soon.


blondie said...

Hey Randy!

Was wondering where you were, lol
No computer for a couple of weeks? :o
OMG, I'd go crazy. Hope everything is OK on your end.

Love the bunny story. They are going to keep it after Easter I hope. They're so cute and lovable.

I'm hanging in there as best I can.
Enjoy your week catching up. I know you will :)

Randy V said...

I am on and off the computer every day. I didn't think I could be without it one day...much less two weeks. I had my iPhone but that's not the same. Its good to have it back.

I asked Jordan about the bunny. What happens after Easter? I'm sure the kids will have a big say in that.

Hope your week is going good.