Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Is What It Is

Finally I can put this year's tax return to bed now... except for printing it out. My printer took it's last breath yesterday. Oh well. I'll try to find a new one before too long. At least you can buy them cheap these days :)

Tueps: bought a couple new positions today and requested a cash out also. Says the estimated pay date is Sunday but I've seen them come sooner so am crossing my fingers.
* Paid same day! Thanks Admin.

Twentyby20: on hold till the 16th.

ATBVenture: Amanda is still working on getting the script upgraded to fit the new and improved ATBV. So we're still on hold here too.

My-OPI: well, I earned 6 cents this past week on my 10 active profit share packs. Earned 0 in the matrix. But now they are pushing some new partnership program that will open later tonight. No clue what it is but I'll be reading about it later, maybe, or tomorrow.

ACX: been 6 days since my name was announced as a ClickDraw winner, yet I am still waiting for my email notification. Dang it!

Sure wish I had better news on all this stuff but...

Almost forgot,
ShowBizHits: it's Thursday and you do get 75 free credits for surfing only 25 sites. Am there right now loading up :)

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