Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feeling Bad For Taking a Day Off

I need to blog more often.
Things can change so fast around here, it isn't funny.

If you haven't noticed yet, I moved some banners around on my side bar. Why? Well, because what I thought should be on top, maybe shouldn't.

When you join a new promising program, you just never know what kind of attention it's going to get or will it 'take off' at all? Of course I always hope for the best but I can't control how other people play.
So please always read the notes above my banners since I do try to keep those up to date.

Twentyby20: can I say "is rocking my world" without sounding silly? Sure I can, lol. It has been running perfect since day one and I do like seeing the continuous member growth in the stats also. Grow baby grow!
** Apparently it's not growing enough.
See Friday's Update.

Tueps: since re-opening on Monday am once again enjoying the 2% cycling and seeing some fresh money coming in too. As my friend Gord would say, every program needs fresh blood coming in to survive long term. And I must agree with him. Doing great!

ATBVenture: although I've been enjoying the cycling of matrices, what I noticed is the only time they cycle is on Tuesday.
Well, I joined on a Tues when they first opened and it looks like most members did the same.
But, could that mean new membership has slowed so much that the only time we cycle is on a Tues? That concerns me a lot.
I really do like the program and I think with good steady membership growth it could go a long way, but, it's been four weeks now and am not seeing what I would have hoped to see.
If you've not joined yet, I would say hold off unless we see something more than what we're seeing now. (damn that was hard to write)

My-OPI: speaking of programs slowing down...
I read this comment in my friend Gord's newsletter today and I couldn't have said it better myself. Hope he doesn't mind me stealing it:

My-OPI has slowed up considerably now after
30 days. I did get paid last night from a 'same day'
withdrawal request. In my opinion ... the Admins
staryed too much with additional plans instead
of concentrating on promos and incentives to
further boost sales for the $10 AdPack plan.

Now I did go for the Power-Matrix when that first launched and am currently sitting at $7 back from my $45 spend. Not so good.
Never did try the Cycler so cannot give an opinion on that.

So regardless of what you read from their 'top promoters', it hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to either. Explains my *proceed with caution* note above their banner. (ok, now I'm getting a headache)

Speaking of headaches...
was finalizing my tax numbers yesterday and realized the Ramen lunch I had might turn out to be a regular for awhile. What does that tell ya?

My Son just stopped by to pick up a check.
"What are you doing for Easter?" I asked.
"Going to Los Angeles" he replied, and I started singing.
Isn't it weird how some songs never get out of your head?

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