Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday & Bunny

Sure has been nice outside lately. High temp today 80F. Mowed the lawn for the second time this year and put down some spring fertilizer too. The grass is looking good :)

Speaking of looking good...
TUEPS week day cycling started again last night and I also received a payment from them today. -clap clap-

ATBVenture: expecting an update from Amanda any minute now.

Twentyby20: don't forget about it during this loooong downtime.

My-OPI: my earnings are at a standstill. Haven't seen a penny for 5 days. Wish I had never alerted about this one but it seemed like it would be a winner at the time.
Anyway, to those who played... I hope you got in early and made a few bucks. I just don't see any future in it right now. Of course that's just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong but maybe not.

ACX: what a bunch of..... stalling!
To continue the saga from where I left off last Friday... my Ticket was escalated (so they say) to another department. Now that was FOUR days ago. My first ticket sat for five days, now the escalated one sits at four. BUT they do say "expected wait time: 48 hours".
Is it just me?
Or are they not paying ANY ClickDraw winners?

Here's a Bunny that came to visit on Easter.
Almost looks like he's laying me some Easter Eggs up against the tree, lol

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