Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Photo of Blondie

Naw, that can't be me. My moustache isn't black, lol
OK, no more jokes for a while :)

ATBVenture: one of my $5 weekly subscriptions has really paid off today. Received a note from ATBV that I completed a third matrix and earned $60.
Now I know some of you are not that far along yet but patience can pay off. Yes, this is the fourth week that I've been here as a weekly subscriber and I'd like to add: YaY!

Twentyby20: I know we've all enjoyed the super fast payments up till now but at some point the Admin did have to put this into effect:
  • You can withdraw from your balance every 2 days.
  • The minimum amount for each withdrawal is $5.
  • Estimated withdrawal processing time is 2 to 5 working days

    • $5 to $20 - 2 working days
    • $21 to $100 - 3 working days
    • $101 to $500 - 4 working days
    • $501 and up - 5 working days
Sounds OK to me and I'm sure the payments will be prompt as always.
PS: just bought two more pos's via STP.

TUEPS: checked my account this morning and was happy to see a successful 2% cycling overnight. Thanks Admin, you're doing great!

My-OPI: earlier this morning I added to yesterdays blog post since they changed their mind about the March 31 Injection of $5K.
Well, what can i say? I wasn't really surprised. It was more of a "figures" reaction from me.

ACX: just a quick update while I'm thinking of them.
The last payment I got for my Ad Pack earnings took two weeks from date of request to receive. I do have another pending since March 23rd so am hoping, if they're on the same schedule, that I'll receive that one in another 6-7 days. That would be great and I'll let you know.

Heard on the News this morning that they found The Holy Grail in Spain. That would be cool, but then Monty Python's search would be over, lol


Tim Stoker said...

Greetings from Hamburg.
I loved your Holy Grail clips. I have been a huge fan of Monty Python since they began!
I am active with TwentyBy20, and just today have set up my subscription with ATBV, also under your good self.
The one thing that I am disappointed with is My-OPI. I joined them ages ago, (before I found your blog), and deposited $50. (Silly me!)I now have a grand total of $1.90 in my account.
Not a good move but, c'est la vie!
Onwards and upwards!
Bye for now,

blondie said...

Hi Tim,
I kind of messed up in OPI too but wasn't completely my fault. Should be farther ahead than I am, but as you said, c'est la vie.
Sent you an email too that I hope you received.
Have a good day/night :)