Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday... or is it?

Tueps: is doing great and am deciding now on how much to spend before requesting another cash out. I'm thinking 30-40% of my last payment would be fair.

ATBVenture site is down for a little while. Sit tight.

Twentyby20: nothing to say until Monday.

My-OPI: I'm averaging .06 cents a day earning on the 10 Profit Share packs that are still active. Not exactly anything to 'write home about'.

Sure hate to complain on a "Good Friday" but it's time.
Re: ACX and their ClickDraw Awards.
- On April 4th my name was drawn as a weekly winner.
- After receiving NO confirmation for an entire week, I contacted Carl Pearson who advised me to 'submit a testimonial', which I already did but did another one just in case.
- Still no news about my 'winnings' for the next two days so on Sunday morning, April 13th, I submitted a Support Ticket in hopes to resolve the problem.
- As of today, my Ticket is still OPEN with no reply.
- Haven't been able to get any 'help' from Carl either.
So the bottom line is...
- I AM a click draw winner that has NOT been notified nor paid for two weeks.
- I currently have 4 Pending withdrawals ranging from 283 to 1602 Hours from the Ad Pack and Media plans.
- I do surf every day hoping to actually 'get paid for it', like they advertise on their site.
But seriously, this long wait along with fake announcements of ClickDraw winners has gotten a bit ridiculous.
So now you know why I don't promote this site.

Then why am I writing this??
I want others to see what really happens in ACX and not to fall for those testimonials on their site. Unfortunately, one of them is mine. Too bad they didn't hold up their end of the bargain.

Oh Wait!!! Just got a Reply to my Ticket:

--------------------START OF STAFF REPLY--------------------


Thank you for your inquiry.

Your ticket has been escalated to someone who can answer your concern 
Please give us extra time to reply to your request.

Thank you,

Member Services

---------------------END OF STAFF REPLY---------------------

Yeah, that was a big help... not!
Now let's see how long it takes to get another.
Stay tuned for more.
I will follow up on this and let you all know the outcome.


Oh hey, TGIF and have a great weekend!


Gord said...

Escalated to a higher power...
hmmm... kind of fitting for it
being Good Friday... lol

I like the rolling commentary
there and I thought they were coming across with the dough
as I read on.

Hope you get paid but it's time
ACX put the 'out to lunch' sign
on the door and shut er' down.

Try something new in a few weeks
to rekindle some interest.

Happy Easter Blondie!

blondie said...

"Out to Lunch"... good idea. lol

Well it's just sad what it's come down to. I really was happy about winning the Draw but getting paid is still questionable.

Enjoy your Easter too!

xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

HI Blondie

Dropping by to wish you a Happy Easter. I hope you and your family have much love and laughter. Heres hoping the internet delivers you a bit of that too.

Take care and keep smiling


blondie said...

Hey Missi :)
Always smiling when you visit.
Hope you're doing good and I'll stop by to check on you soon.
Happy Easter!