Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bumble Bees and Butterflies

Was watering my corn and sunflowers today. Saw a bunch of bumble bees getting their fix from the sunflowers. Also noticed a lot of butterflies around, more than usual. Anyway, was nice to take my mind off other things for awhile. (yes I know I need to pull weeds, shush)

PAS: been really happy with it especially since I paid for the Surf Vacation and have not missed any of the 6 hour earnings. Purchased another Rev Share today with profit and a little RC (TY) and looking towards growing my account over time. I think we have a winner here :)

AdzPays: keeping a close eye on it but not playing as aggressive as I could be. Why? I dunno. Just watching and reading a lot for now. Maybe I'll be more excited if and when I finally cycle a spot :/

Make it Five for Twentyby30:
Hate to bad mouth about something that used to pay so regular but ever since I decided not to put in 40% of fresh new funds... I have not been paid. My estimated pay date has been changed again (5x) and is now July 27th.
Now I'm thinking, if the 40% were a rule, it's understandable. But it's not. It's an option they say. Yet if you don't spend fresh funds, your account gets locked and your pay date keeps being extended.
That's really bad IMO. Admin's should not advertise "options" if they don't plan to allow it. Sadly that seems to be the case here.

Do I do this at times? Mmm, maybe.


dr.capoon said...

It seems that admin of 30by20 loves me more than he loves you.
My account is locked in earnings ever since I didn't repurchase from processor (which was btw. at the same time as you have stopped).
My withdr. request was returned to balance. I did repurchase new positions, that have not earned a dime for over a month now.
So he is not changing my estimated withdrawal date, as I am not allowed to get one at all. Probably as he doesn't wants me to go through those pains you are now experiencing.

I thank him for that big time!

blondie said...


The first person to post about the program in a blog and the first person to start a forum thread both get blocked!!
Geez :(
Certainly not the way to treat your 'supporters', now is it?

Hope you got a little profit out of it at least. Something to ease the pain.